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Namesake Falls From Top Spot on Per Theater Chart

March 27th, 2007

There was a new leader on top of the Per Theater Chart as Journey from the Fall opened with $87,442 in 4 theaters for an average of $21,861. This pushed Namesake into second place with a still amazing average of $11,169; this film has show amazing resilience on this chart despite massive increases in its theater count.

The rest of the new releases were mixed with The Page Turner just missing the $10,000 club with $9,422 and Air Guitar Nation not that far behind with $7,035. On the other hand, First Snow stumbled a bit out of the gate with $5,063, which is not a bad start, but not a strong enough one to justify a serious expansion. Offsides earned an average of $3,601 in 5 theaters. Color Me Kubrick opened with just $1,958; no surprise there since it debuts on DVD today. The Prisoner opened even further down with an estimated $2,500 in theaters for an average of $1,250. Finally there were three films which managed average under $1,000: The Piccadilly Cowboy with $800, Memory with $750, and What is Love with $11,583 in 42 theaters for an average of just $276.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • The Host reached $1 million over the weekend, which is a disappointing result as the movie seemed to have much more going for it.
  • Namesake practically doubled its box office over the weekend, hitting $2 million in the process. The film will have no difficulties making it to other milestones and could even expand into some measure of wide release.
  • The Lives of Others topped $5 million over the weekend, but it has peaked at the box office and any further milestones will be much harder to reach.


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