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Getting to the Bottom of Limited Releases

March 30th, 2007

More than half a dozen limited releases this weekend, including an Oscar nominated foreign language film and a re-release of a 30-year old landmark film of Black cinema. There's certain something for just about everyone, but no seem like sure things for box office success.

After the Wedding - Reviews
The final Oscar nominated foreign language film makes its way to theaters here, at last. And while this Danish Drama lost out to Germany's The Lives of Others, it is still one of the best movies on this week's list. It is also one of the widest releases on this week's list and I expect it to have the biggest box office as well, (perhaps even the highest per theater average, but that's more up in the air). After the Wedding opens tonight in five theaters, two in New York City, three in the Los Angeles area.

The Hawk is Dying - Reviews
One of only two limited release on this weeks list to not be praised by the critics. Paul Giamatti's performance as amateur bird trainer George Gattling is impressive, but not much of the rest is worth sticking around for. The Hawk is Dying opens tonight at the Cinema Village in New York City.

Killer of Sheep - Reviews
I first read this title as Killer Sheep, which made me think it was a Black Sheep clone meant to steal some of that film's wind. But that is not the case. It is in fact a drama from 1977 about the Black Urban experience in Los Angeles. Think of it as an antidote to the Blaxploitation films of the era. A very important film and one that should be seen by more. Killer of Sheep is being re-released in two theaters tonight, including the IFC Center in New York City.

Live Free or Die - Reviews
Not to be confused with Live Free or Die Hard. This is a heist film featuring a whole series of incredibly dumb characters, as well as Zooey Deschanel, which is a bonus in my book. Unfortunately, it's the only really bonus here. That's not entirely fair. This isn't a terrible movie, but there's not a lot here to push it from mediocre to worth recommending. Live Free or Die is opening in 6 theaters tonight, but none in New York City or Los Angeles.

Race You to the Bottom - Reviews
The movie stars Amber Benson, who is probably best know as Tara Maclay in Buffy the Vampire Slayer but has also stared in movies like Latter Days, Chance, Lovers, Liars and Lunatics. (The last two movies she also wrote and directed.) Race You to the Bottom is a film about two people, Maggie and Nathan, who are having a road trip through Napa Valley wine country and have an affair after both of them left their boyfriends back home. Race You to the Bottom opens tonight at the Regent Showcase Theater in Hollywood.

Ten Till Noon - Reviews
The same ten minutes is shown over and over and over again taking a look at the same events from the point of view of several different characters. This is the kind of movie that can only be made by independent cinema; it's too experimental for mainstream audiences. And while the films has a few flaws, it works more than it doesn't and is worth checking out. Ten Till Noon opens tonight Laemmles Sunset 5 in Los Angeles before expanding over the following weeks.

U-Carmen - Reviews
This film is a modern day retelling of the French opera, Carmen, set in South Africa. The film is in Xhosa, a native language in South Africa and not something most people in North America would recognize, even those who enjoy foreign language films and that added novelty factor might convince people to check it out. U-Carmen opened on Wednesday Film Forum in New York City.


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