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International Top Five - Bean Breaks Through $100 million Barrier

April 18th, 2007

There were plenty of reasons to celebrate for Mr. Bean's Holiday at the weekend. Not only was it able to remain in top spot for the third weekend in a row, but it was also able to crack $100 million at the international box office and is currently sitting at $125.95 million. On the other hand, the film did suffer a 45% drop-off to $17.06 million on 4,211 screens in 45 markets, but that was largely due to the lack of major openings. Its best market of the weekend remained the U.K. despite the fact that it was pushed into second place with $3.03 million on 507 screens for a total of $36.29 million. Meanwhile, it also performed well in Germany ($2.11 million on 844 screens), Australia ($1.91 million on 342 screens), and Italy ($1.41 million on 429).

It was another second place finish for 300, which also had a milestone weekend as it reached $200 million internationally. The film added $13.53 million on 5,385 screens in 45 markets for a total of $202.97 million. However, that is 55% less than it earned last weekend. One might be tempted to chalk up this huge drop-off to the lack of new openings, but while that was obviously a factor, the film did not hold on well in the two major markets it opened in last weekend. For instance, it fell 58% in Australia down to $1.83 million on 338 screens for a two week total of $4.37 million, but that was nothing compared to the 71% drop-off during its second weekend in Germany but it still earned $1.93 million on 678 screens in that market for a running tally of $10.74 million.

Wild Hogs reached the top five for the first time thanks mostly to its first place debut in the U.K.. Over the weekend the film pulled in $8.91 million on 2,033 screens in 18 markets for a total of $28.47 million internationally. Of that, $3.53 million on 400 screens came from the aforementioned first place debut in the U.K. while opening in three of the four Scandinavian countries with a combined $603,000 on 117 screens. As for holdovers, the film managed $1.02 million on 393 screens during its second weekend in Mexico for a total of $3.98 million.

Perfect Stranger wasn't able to catch on internationally placing fourth with $8.60 million on 2,437 screens in 39 markets. The film did open in first place in Spain with $1.95 million on 362 screens and second place in both France with $1.5 million on 368 and Italy with $978,000 on 275. On the other hand, the film failed to draw in moviegoers in Germany, finishing fifth with just $641,000 on 395, and flopped like a fish in the U.K. managing no better than ninth with $549,000 on 257. The film has yet to open in a number of major markets, but it will take a lot to turn things around.

Meet the Robinsons remained in the top five, but it was close; over the weekend it added $5.93 million on 3,850 screens in 36 markets for an anemic total of $36.27 million. On a positive note, the film only fell 33% despite having no major or even midlevel openings.


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