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Movie Website Updates for May 13 - May 19, 2007

May 19th, 2007

Either it was a really slow week or my Google-Fu is way off, because there's a short list this week. Not only were there very few new / updated sites, but there was nothing that jumped out as award winners. I was tempted to give the award to The Transformers - Official Site just for the new trailer, but I already geeked-out over that site when the first trailer came out. In the end there just wasn't a site worthy of the award this week.

Bratz - Official Site
Just the trailer, which is so bad it may have caused permanent brain damage. Okay, that might be a little over the top, but I still can't believe someone thought this movie was a good idea.

Brooklyn Rules - Official Site
Just the bare minimum, and even then there are no bios.

Captivity - Official Site
The flash site launched this week, and it is better than expected. Not only does the site have all the usual features, (synopsis, cast & crew bios, image gallery, trailer), but there extras like three webisodes and even a game. Add in more sound and animation than most sites and it is top notch, perhaps could even be award-worthy with an update or two.

DOA: Dead or Alive - Official Site
Apparently this movie is back on the schedule, although you couldn't tell by the website.

Eagle vs. Shark - Official Site
The downloads and soundboard sections were added, as was a personality quiz, (I'm a shark).

Evan Almighty - Official Site
The Explore the Ark section was added to the site, at least part of it was. There are even more features in side like the Alpaca Says, Acts of Random Kindness, Do the Evan!, and downloads are still marked coming soon.

Even Money - Official Site
Just the basics, but it doesn't stand out.

Fay Grim - Official Site
Most of the basics are here, but nothing makes the site stand out.

Flanders - Official Site
Just the basics without much in the way of style.

Gracie - Official Site
The movie has a MySpace page, which is better than most.

Hairspray - Official Site
The background music uses a clip that is too short and listening to it repeated over and over again each week it getting on my nerves.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Official Site
The flash site launched this week, but it is just the bare bones at the moment. There is a link to Dumbledore's Army where you can post messages, play a game, etc. Overall the site has a lot of potential, and I'm 99% certain it will be award-worthy by the time the movie comes out. But it will have to wait for more updates to earn the top prize.

Hollywood Dreams - Official Site
Just the basics with not enough style to stand out.

Interview - Official Site
Another flash site that launched this week. This one is not as flashy as some of the others, but it has all the right parts, (with the trailer marked coming soon).

Live Free or Die Hard - Official Site
There's a contest where you can meet Bruce Willis... in Second Life. Here's my question, how would you know it's the real Bruce Willis?

Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills - Official Site
The photos and the soundtrack section were added this week.

Once - Official Site
Typical Fox Searchlight site.

Ratatouille - Official Site
A couple more podcasts were added this week.

Severance - Official Site
All the usual features are here, but a couple extras like the target practice game. However, while I like the style there's not enough here to make it stand out.

Shrek the Third - Official Site
Disappointing. One of the first features added to the site was the Virtual Shrekland, but while they said there would be updates, in the end only the Ogre's Swamp was there. That's too bad, because otherwise the site's pretty good with plenty to explore. However, that section felt like it could be the heart of the site and without it, it doesn't live up to expectations.

The Transformers - Official Site
There's yet another trailer that went online this week. I'm getting excited about the movie, but I'm trying not to rise my expectations too much.

Le Vie en Rose - Official Site
The basics are here with just enough sound and animation to not seem boring, but not enough to really stand out.

The Wendell Baker Story - Official Site
The site is dead and has been for about a year now.

You Kill Me - Official Site
Someone apparently killed the site. Hopefully it will be back soon. ... I must have caught it just as they were uploading the flash site. So far it's just the basics with a couple extras marked coming soon. With the level of sound and animation, it is able to keep the surfers' attention, but not truly stand out.


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