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Pan Stomps the Competition

May 25th, 2007

New releases took top spot on both the rental and the sales charts, but there were different films. On the rental chart Pan's Labyrinth was this week's champion after earning $6.48 million. The rest of the top five were all holdovers with Night at the Museum taking second place with $5.58 million over the week and $33.59 million in total. The next three were with $300,000 of each other led by Dreamgirls in third with $4.52 million, Music and Lyrics in fourth wthi $4.44 million, and Because I Said So in fifth wtih $4.23 million.

The rest of the new releases were spread throughout the charts with Stomp the Yard placing eighth with $4.06 million. The Fountain placed 11th with $2.89 million, which is about average given the film's theatrical run while Arthur and the Invisibles was unable to even reach that level with $2.58 million and a 16th place finish. The rest of the new releases to chart were all limited releases, (or had no theatrical run at all). The best of these was The Dead Girl as that film earned $1.95 million over the week for 21st place. Seraphim Falls placed 27th with $1.24 million while the direct-to-DVD release, The Kovak Box earned $780,000 for 39th place.

Over on the sales chart Stomp the Yard was able to take top spot, which was well ahead of its placing on the rental chart. Pan's Labyrinth, on the other hand, had to settle for second place, which is still an amazing start given its theatrical run. Night at the Museum slipped a spot to third place just ahead of Arthur and the Invisibles while Dreamgirls barely managed to grab fifth place.

Only two other new releases charted this week with The Fountain finishing in 8th place and Martin - The Complete Second Season in 13th place.


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