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Unlucky Thirteen Could Be Shallowest Ocean

June 10th, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen won the weekend, according to studio estimates released on Sunday, but its $37.08 million estimated take is the lowest opening for the franchise (see full info on the Ocean's Eleven franchise), albeit by a narrow margin (Ocean's Eleven opened with $38 million and Ocean's Twelve debut with $39 million). In fact, when final numbers are in, Thirteen could match the first weekend gross of Eleven. That would be good enough to be considered a victory by the studio, even though many analysts and the tracking numbers were suggesting a bigger opening.

The weekend's other new movies fared worse than Ocean. Surf's Up made a very middling $18 million -- comparable to the opening of Barnyard last year. Hostel: Part II was a major disappointment, earning only an estimated $8.75 million. That's less than half the figure earned by the first movie in the franchise.

The real winner this weekend, and even then not by a huge margin, was Knocked Up, which fell 35% in its second weekend in release. In the days when 50% drops are the norm, this counts as major staying power, and suggests we might have found the Summer's first breakout hit.