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Home Market Gives up the Ghost

June 22nd, 2007

Ghost Rider led this week's contingent of new releases capturing first place with $8.86 million. That wasn't a whole lot compared it its theatrical run, but it was a better one week total that the home market has been able to produce for a while. Breach opened in second place with $5.65 million, well ahead of last week's winner, Notbit, and its sophomore stint of $4.24 million. Daddy's Little Girls opened in fourth place with $4.11 million, but did open better on the sales chart. Finally, Apocalypto landed in fifth place with $3.00 million for the week and $17.83 million in roughly a month.

Primeval was the best of the rest opening in seventh place with $2.90 million, but it did place higher on the sales chart. Days of Glory was well back in 18th place with $1.50 million, but that was a very good start given its run in limited release. Finally, Blood and Chocolate opened in 20th place with $1.46 million and should surpass its anemic theatrical total shortly.

Ghost Rider also won the race on the sale chart, but was even more dominate with a nearly 4-1 lead over second place DVD, Daddy's Little Girls. Third place went to the only holdover in the top five, Notbit. Breach opened in fourth place, but its reviews and stronger result on the rental chart suggest better legs than most. Rounding out the top five was Primeval, which won't have strong legs.

Only two other new releases charted this week with Blood and Chocolate coming in seventh place and Deadwood - The Complete Third Season coming in 15th.


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