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Movie Website Updates for June 17 - June 23, 2007

June 24th, 2007

One of the most anticipate films of the summer became the best site of the week. The Simpsons Movie - Official Site is finally here and the winner of the Weekly Website Award.

1408 - Official Site
When the flash site first launched I was optimistic that it was the beginning of something special. Unfortunately, the something special ended with the cool intro and everything added after that was just the usual suspects. It's not a terrible site, but there's not enough here to make it stand out either.

Balls of Fury - Official Site
There's a new intro, which shows the main cast of characters, but that appears to be all that was updated this week.

Black Sheep - Old Official Site - New Official Site
Nothing new on the new official site, or the old official site.

Bratz - Official Site
Bratitude was added this week, but it is just a contest.

Broken English - Official Site
Just the very, very basics with nothing to make it stand out.

Colma: The Musical - Official Site
Just the basics with some information on the soundtrack. Good information, but the style is lacking.

DOA: Dead or Alive - Official Site
The movie is probably no longer playing in theaters, and the site is still marked coming soon.

Evan Almighty - Official Site
This is an award-winning site, as has been for a while. All of the usual features, plenty of extras, good style, it is all here.

Foodfight! - Official Site
They updated the site. Now it says it's coming out Fall 2007. I wouldn't bet money on that.

Good Luck Chuck - Official Site
There's a new intro and some images. This includes the new poster seen on the site, which I assumed was fake when I first saw it. (Yes, I know where it comes from, I just don't think it works. For one thing, it looks like a bad photoshop.)

Halloween - Official Site
The synopsis and the photo gallery were added this week.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Official Site
The character bios and a webcast were added to the site.

Indiana Jones 4 - Official Site
The site has the first picture of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. It's not much, but I know a lot of people will be very excited to see it.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters - Official Site
So far is just the trailer, which sold the film well. I'm still surprised that there's a documentary about this rivalry. I can't believe this is actually a rivalry.

License to Wed - Official Site
An activities section was added this week, but it is just an e-card and a desktop baby.

Michael Clayton - Official Site
Just the trailer, which is off site and wouldn't load for me. I managed to hunt it down elsewhere, and it looks like it could be an effective thriller, but I require more before a solid judgement can be made.

A Mighty Heart - Official Site
A lot of contend is presented here in a low key and respectful fashion. Unfortunately, respectful might not be the right approach to sell a movie to audiences.

Ratatouille - Official Site
The TV spots were added, as were three QTVRs, which have Remy giving a tour.

Rush Hour 3 - Official Site
A game was added this week, but it wasn't that entertaining nor was the prize, (the trailer), worth it.

Sicko - Official Site
Just a few still and some more text based updates.

The Simpsons Movie - Official Site
New site! Woo hoo! It's almost all marked coming soon. D'oh! So far there's the synopsis, image gallery, and trailer while extras are limited to creating an avatar and playing a few games. I earned 250.22 points on the wrecking ball game, but it froze when it tried to send in my score. D'oh! D'oh, indeed. ... 250.26, and it still hung on me. Maybe the worldwide scorecard isn't functioning at the moment, it does say coming soon. On a side note, why is it a good thing to hit the police van as far as possible? Wouldn't the incredibly violent trip hurt the people inside? 256.97 and no way to prove it. On a side note, I love the 'SOP' sign. It's a great touch. The other games are the 3-Card Monty and a motorcycle Ball of Death game. Granted, it is still early with this site, but this is a great start and the Fanboy in me wants to give it the S-M-R-T Weekly Website Award.

Wall-E - Official Site
The site is up, but so far there's just the teaser trailer.

The Water Horse: The Legend of the Deep - Official Site
Just the synopsis and the trailer so far, with a link to an off site feature. A Secret This Big deals with the Loch Ness monster as if it were real. As long as it's keeps up the fun approach, it will help sell the film.

Who's Your Caddy - No Official Site
No official site, but the trailer is online and can be found here.

You Kill Me - Official Site
I can't seem to get the site to load at the moment. That's too bad as it was an effective site.


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