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New Releases Shoot Up the Home Market Charts

July 7th, 2007

There were five new releases to reach the rental chart this week, and even more on the sales chart. The leader of both of them was Shooter; on the sales chart the film picked up $7.82 million during its first week of release, or about one sixth of what it made during its theatrical run. Black Snake Moan had to settle for second place, but its weekly haul of $6.19 million was nearly two-thirds of what it earned theatrically. Ghost Rider and Bridge to Terabithia where in a statistical dead heat with $4.54 million and $4.51 million respectively, however, Ghost Rider has been out on DVD a week longer and its running tally of $20.07 million is nearly double the $10.25 million Bridge to Terabithia has earned so far. The final film in the top five was Reno 911!: Miami with $4.37 million for the week and $9.40 million in total. This film will have no problem topping its theatrical run shortly.

Other new releases to chart include Dead Silence in seventh place with $3.46 million and Pride in eighth with $2.83 million. Finally, Peaceful Warrior opened in 17th place with $1.48 million.

As already stated, Shooter won the race on the sales chart and was able to double the weekly sales of the second place Bridge to Terabithia, which is still a strong performer. Next up was Ghost Rider while Reno 911!: Miami also managed to hold onto a spot in the top five. Black Snake Moan earned the final spot, which was well below its placing on the rental chart. I think this is a clear case of try-before-you-buy and if those who rented it decide to buy it, it could remain strong next week.

Just missing the top five were fellow new releases Dead Silence and Pride in sixth and seventh places respectively. The rest of the new releases to chart were all TV on DVD releases led by Hannah Montana - Pop Star Profile in 10th place, (her CD, Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus finished in first place). Fellow Disney release, High School Musical - The Concert - Extreme Access Pass opened in 12th place. Finally, Monk - The Complete Fifth Season debuted in 15th place.


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