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International Box Office - Potter Maintains Its 9-Digit Pace

July 25th, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix maintained its $100 million international pace over the weekend, adding $100.37 million on 11,647 screens in 56 markets for a two-week total of $353.55 million. Staying in the 9-digit range was even more impressive considering the film only earned $148.77 million of last week's opening total of $185.22 million during the weekend and that works out to a drop-off of just 33%. Additionally, the film only had two major openings this weekend, taking first place in both Japan with $17.11 million on 919 screens over the weekend and $18.85 million in total, and in Russia with $7.32 million on 534 screens. This was significantly more than The Goblet of Fire earned in either market. It also had number one openings in a handful of smaller markets including Israel with $655,000 on 33 screens and Romania with $94,000 on 7, among others.

However, most of the film's haul came from holdovers and leading the way was the U.K., which was down 59% to $13.77 million on 566 screens for a two-week total of $64.54 million. This was a sharper drop-off than The Goblet of Fire suffered, but The Order of the Phoenix is still ahead of its pace after two-weeks. The film is also maintaining The Goblet of Fire's pace after two weeks in Germany and France with $35.79 million and $30.15 million respectively. Over the weekend, the film pulled in $10.41 million on 983 screens in Germany and $9.19 million on 950 screens in France to earn first place in both markets.

The Order of the Phoenix was knocked out of top spot in a couple of markets, including South Korea, where it added $3.37 million on 555 screens for a total of $20.86 million, which is close to the $23.16 million The Goblet of Fire earned there in total. The film was also knocked out of first place in Mexico but after adding $3.26 million on 989 screens its running tally rose to $18.26 million, which is just a few million behind The Goblet of Fire's $20.69 million. It should take just three weeks for The Order of the Phoenix to match The Goblet of Fire's total in those two markets, which is impressive and will more than compensate for the few signs of weakness that is showed elsewhere.

So even with the amazing competition, mostly in the form of The Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is looking strong. And with openings in China and a few smaller markets still left to go, it should top the $600 million the previous installment managed and take in close to $900 million worldwide.

As for the rest of the top five, it was mostly the same as last weekend with Hairspray being the only new entry. But will deal with that, and the rest of the $1 million films on Sunday.


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