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New at The Numbers - DVD Sales Charts

August 5th, 2007

Weekly DVD Chart
The Numbers' Weekly DVD Sales Chart

We're pleased to announce the introduction of a weekly DVD Sales chart here at The Numbers. Our chart is the first in the industry to provide detailed information on both the number of units sold and the revenue for DVDs in current release. The chart is the culmination of three years of research effort by our team. It is based on studio figures, publicly available data, and private research on retail sales carried out by Nash Information Services (the parent company of The Numbers), combined with statistical analysis that produces the most accurate information possible.

The weekly chart will be published over the weekend -- usually on Sunday morning -- and provides estimated retail DVD sales for the week ending the previous Sunday. For example, this week's chart covers the week ending July 29. As well as publishing a new chart each Sunday, we will be extending the charts back to cover historical information, and you can expect to see one or two new historical charts each week over the coming months (starting with July 22, and working backwards).

Since this is the first week we have published the charts, we only have cumulative totals for those DVDs that were released on July 24. As we publish more historical charts, our coverage will expand to include more and more DVDs, and we will be enhancing our new "Home Market" section to include the kind of historical records that you are already familiar with from our theatrical coverage. Each movie page will include financial information about the DVD sales for the movie (see how this appears on the page for The Number 23), and we'll be adding this information for TV shows and franchises shortly.

We're very excited about this addition to the site. DVD sales information has been our most-requested feature for several years, and the new charts will allow us to provide unsurpassed analysis on the movie industry. As ever, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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Weekly DVD Chart
Each movie page now includes
DVD sales information, where available.