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DVD Rentals - Disturbing News on the Rental Charts

August 19th, 2007

Disturbia led a large group of new releases and took first place on the rental charts with $9.70 million in rentals. That was just ahead of the $9.47 million 300 earned in its second weekend of release, which pushed its total to $21.37 million. Are We Done Yet? opened in third place with $6.83 million, which is a slightly better placing than it managed on the sales chart, indicating people wanted to try before they buy with this film. Hot Fuzz had the best week-to-week drop-off in the top five, down 17% to $5.30 million, while its two-week total of $11.71 million was close to half of what it earned theatrically; its home market numbers are already better than its theatrical take, which in turn was significantly bigger than its production budget. The final film in the top five was Number 23, which added $4.93 million to its three-week total of $17.91 million.

There were three other new releases to chart with I Think I Love My Wife leading the best of the rest, placing ninth with $3.86 million. Unaccompanied Minors opened in 10th place with $2.99 million, which is only slightly better than it did on the sales chart. Finally, TMNT earned a meager $2.49 million in rentals landing in 12th place; compared to third place on the sales chart suggests a very strong Fanboy Effect in play.


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