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Fury Throws a Fastball

August 29th, 2007

Balls of Fury tries to get a head start on the weekend box office race by opening tonight, but will the midweek release help or hurt its box office chances?

The people who brought us Reno 991!: Miami are trying to bring the same serious-minded approach to Balls of Fury, but might have to settle for an opening that's more in line with Beerfest. The lack of a big name star, the weak reviews, and the terrible release date all suggest the film will have troubles at the box office.

(Speaking of the weak reviews, I find it terribly strange that the cream-of-the-crop critics are giving the film significantly better reviews that the average critic. Even Roger Ebert seemed to give the movie a qualified recommendation.)

Balls of Fury opens tonight in roughly 2,800 theaters and should grab first place, but with less than $3 million. Thursday should see a moderate drop-off, given the long weekend, while it should crack $10 million from Friday to Sunday and $13 million if you include Monday.

Tomorrow we will have the rest of the predictions for the long weekend, but in the meantime, check out the latest box office prediction contest. But remember we are only looking for the 3-day weekend.


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