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DVD Rentals - People Stay Away From New Releases

September 23rd, 2007

There was only one new release to reach the top ten this week, but there were a couple of changes in the top five. However, not in first place as Blades of Glory earned the hat trick with $5.49 million for the week and $21.99 million after three. Georgia Rule dropped just 13% to $2.99 million and that allowed it to climbed into second place. Delta Farce also dropped just 13% grabbing third with $2.98 million. Fracture climbed a spot to fourth with $2.77 million for the week and $23.03 million after a month of release. Fifth place went to Perfect Stranger with $2.74 million for the week and $16.34 million after four.

The best of the rest was Away from Her in tenth place with $1.73 million while DOA: Dead or Alive was one place behind at $1.70 million. Even Money made $1.25 million during its first week of rentals compared to $64,000 in pulled in theatrically. Dirty Sanchez was two spots back in 24th place with $1.19 million. Finally, Grey's Anatomy - The Complete Third Season - Seriously Extended earned 40th place with $620,000 in rentals.


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