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DVD Sales - People Turn to TV on DVD as Skies Turn Grey

September 23rd, 2007

The Fall TV schedule helped boost TV on DVD sales as five of the six new releases to chart this week were from that category. This includes the new number one DVD, Grey's Anatomy - The Complete Third Season - Seriously Extended, which sold 365,000 units for opening week sales of $13.51 million. Thanks to weak competition, Wild Hogs climbed into second place by selling 132,000 units and has now moved 3.59 million units for a total of $57.39 million in sales. Blades of Glory sold an additional 118,000 units over the week for a total of 1.28 million units sold and sales of $22.20 million. The second TV on DVD release to chart this week was Charmed - The Final Season with 114,000 units sold for $2.11 million in sales. Delta Farce managed a second week in the top five with 104,000 units for the week and 375,000 in total; its sales of $7.54 million is roughly $500,000 below its total theatrical take.

Strangely, there were four other new releases to chart, all of them finishing back-to-back starting at 11th place. The only non-TV on DVD release to chart this week was DOA: Dead or Alive with a surprisingly strong $1.65 million in sales from 65,000 units. Even if it sells less than half that many during the rest of its run, it will still mean more people will own the DVD than will have seen the movie in theaters. Next up was Bones - The Complete Second Season with 62,000 units sold for $2.41 million in sales. Two and a Half Men - The Complete First Season and Supernatural - The Complete Second Season finished in a virtual tie with 56,000 units sold. However, Supernatural - The Complete Second Season was well ahead in terms of dollars $2.12 million to $1.40 million.

On a side note, two other TV on DVD release would have made it into the top five in terms of dollars including last week's winner, The Office - The Complete Third Season and Heroes - The Complete First Season. The latter would have finished second with $3.94 million while the former would have placed fourth with $2.76 million.


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