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DVD Rentals - New Releases Show Quantity over Quality

September 30th, 2007

New releases were dominant on this week's rental chart with ten charting, including first place We Are... Marshall and its $4.59 million in rentals. Second place went to The Condemned with $4.15 million in rentals for the week; add in the money in made in sales and it made more on the home market in its first week than it made during its entire theatrical run. Blades of Glory slipped to third but its weekly haul of $3.68 million was still strong as is its total of $25.67 million so far. Grindhouse Presents - Death Proof - Extended and Unrated - Two-Disc Special Edition placed fourth with $2.87 million, which compared relatively well to its share of the theatrical run, but poorly when compared to the sales. Georgia Rule and Delta Farce were in a virtual tie for fifth place with $2.57 million and $2.56 million respectively.

There were plenty of other new releases to chart this week, but most of them were well down the list, starting with Lucky You in 14th place with $1.57 million. Bloodrayne 2 opened in 29th place with $890,000 while Closure was close behind with $820,000. The Flying Scotsman started its run in 36th place with $770,000 while Gracie grabbed 38th with $750,000. Two Weeks opened in 41st place with $690,000 while the final new release was The Valet with $640,000 and 44th place.


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