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DVD Sales - Knocked Up Knocks Out Next Best Seller

October 7th, 2007

New releases were not plentiful on the sales chart this week, but they did take the first two places. Leading the way was Knocked Up, which sold 2.29 million DVDs for first week sales of $43.87 million. (The studio has reported that it sold 3.5 million units, but this is likely the number of units shipped, not the number sold during its opening week.) Second place went to Next, which sold just 273,000 copies or $4.91 million in sales. We Are... Marshall fell to third place with 209,000 units sold for the week and a total of 657,000 after two. The film wasn't a strong box office performer, but total sales of $10.51 million is still soft. Barbie as The Island Princess climbed into fourth place with 165,000 units sold / $2.31 million in sales this week, which was down less than 33% from its opening week. It also lifted its total sales to 411,000 units and $5.75 million. Finally, Family Guy - Volume 5 placed fifth with 134,000 units sold over the weekend for total sales of 427,000 units / $11.53 million.

There were no other new releases to report on, but in significant news as Sony DADC recently announced it has produced its 10 millionth 50GB Blu-Ray disc. The disc, which was Spider-man 3 - Two-Disc Blu-Ray, was made in their Terre Haute plant in Indiana. They also announced that yield rates have rising to 75% and 79% for the BD-50 while the cycle time has dropped nearly matching their DVD production stats. In laymen's terms, they are able to produce more discs with fewer errors. This should help drop the price for production and this in turn will make it a lot more enticing for smaller studios to join the Blu-Ray team. It is still too early to say which format will win in the end, but as someone who owns both, it appears to me that Blu-Ray has the edge. By the end of the Christmas shopping season, we will be in a better position to judge and by this time next year, we might have a winner.


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