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DVD Sales - Evan Finally Proves Mighty

October 21st, 2007

Evan Almighty was a surprise winner on this week's sales chart topping fellow new release Surf's Up in terms of sales 740,000 units to 682,000 units and in terms of dollars $12.58 million to $10.91 million. The latest DVD release for The Jungle Book added 569,000 units / $8.53 million in sales over the past week for a total of 1.85 million units sold and $27.71 million in sales. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer fell from first to fourth with 468,000 units sold for the week giving the film two-week sales of 1.93 million units and $32.72 million. The final film in the top five was 28 Weeks Later with 336,000 units sold for $6.05 million in sales.

There were five other new releases to chart this week, including two two packs, but the best of the rest was Reign Over Me in eighth place with 178,000 units sold for opening week sales of $3.56 million. Just one spot back was the direct-to-DVD release, Wrong Turn 2, with 113,000 units sold and $2.26 million in sales. The first two-pack was for the 28 Days Later franchise and sold 65,000 units while scoring 11th place. This was $1.70 million in sales, but combined with 28 Weeks Later's sales, it still would have been in fifth place. The second two-pack place 17th as Wrong Turn and its sequel sold 53,000 units during its first week for a total of $1.37 million in sales. Finally, Hannah Montana - Life's What You Make It earned 18th place with 52,000 units sold and $773,000 in sales.


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