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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of November 9, 2007

November 11th, 2007

A soft week for movie sites with only a few that stand out and none that are award-worthy. Next week should be different.

After Dark's Horror Fest 2007 - Official Site
Because this site is advertising 8 films in a festival, there's not a lot of detail for each film, just a synopsis, cast & crew list, and the trailer. There are also a few bits of information on the festival as a whole, as well as some links, but nothing that really jumps out.

Choking Man - Official Site
All the usual information, including a very unusual and compelling trailer. But there very little of that visual style on the site itself.

The Education of Charlie Banks - Official Site
Just the basics without enough flash to be of great interest.

Fred Claus - Official Site
Sites aimed at younger audiences should have more interactive features, more sound, more animation. This site has hardly any of those with a soundboard being the most unusual feature. Very disappointing.

Holly - No Official Site
Sadly, there is no official site.

I'll Believe You - Official Site
Just the basics with the most notable feature being the number of backgrounds songs you can choose from.

The Life of Reilly - Official Site
Good site for the type of film. It has all of the usual features as well as four clips and a behind-the-scenes clip. Add in audio clips and it does enough to stand out.

Lions for Lambs - Reviews
This site has the usual features as well as several clips and a section to say what you would fight for.

No Country for Old Men - Official Site
First of all, the site has all of the usual features, (synopsis, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer). In addition, each section starts out with a clip from the movie and an audio clip. I wish there were some extras, even some clips would be great, enough to lift it from above the crows to an award contender.

Om Shanti Om - Official Site
All the usual features, (minus the bios), as well as a heavy emphasis on the music, which is common for a Bollywood film. There are also several video clips including some behind-the-scenes / making of clips. Overall it sells the film well, but doesn't stand out enough to be in consideration for the Weekly Website Award.

P2 - Official Site
Not a lot on the site, just the basics.

Saawariya - Official Site
An effective site with all the usual features, and a heavy emphasis on the music, which is natural for a Bollywood film. There is also information on the look of the film and a few clips. Like I said, it's effective, but not award-worthy.

Steal a Pencil For Me - Official Site
Like many documentary sites, this one has lots of information, but little in the way of style.

War Dance - No Official Site
No official site.


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