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DVD Rentals - Spidey Finds Friendly Reception on the Rental Chart

November 11th, 2007

As it was on the sales chart, so it was on the rental chart: there were plenty of new releases, but Spider-man 3 came away on top with $9.70 million in rentals. The Transformers remained strong, earning $7.04 million in rentals for the week and raising its total to $25.63 million after three. Mr. Brooks landed in third place with $6.11 million in rentals for the week and $13.50 million after two while Meet the Robinsons was fourth with $5.40 million this week and $11.94 million in total. Rounding out the top five was License to Wed with $4.23 million, which is low even compared to its theatrical run.

El Cantante and Talk to me finished in a tie for eighth spot with $3.69 million in first week rentals. After a long road to, and a short stay in theaters, The Wendell Baker Story earned 18th place with $2.23 million in rentals, which is close to 20 times what it earned theatrically. Captivity placed 20th with $2.15 million in sales, which, when combined with its sales figures, is more than it made during its entire theatrical run. The final wide release to chart was also the final film in the top 30; Day Watch placed 30th with $980,000 in rentals, which was double its theatrical run.


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