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International Top Five - Bollywood Blowout

November 14th, 2007

For the first time in a while we have a Hollywood film releases day-and-date internationally in more than 40 markets, so it comes as a huge surprise that the number one film this weekend is Om Shanti Om. It is true that Bollywood films have been performing better as of late and the overall market is typically slow during the fall, but earning $18.17 million on 1,048 screens in 17 markets is still a fantastic start by any measure. Most of that figure came from India, but unfortunately that market generally doesn't release final numbers till much later in the week, if not the following week. We have read reports of record openings on the vast majority of the 600 screens it opened on in its native market, and expectations are for strong legs there. Meanwhile, the film placed seventh in the U.K. with $1.07 million on just 52 screens for a per screen average of over $20,000.

Saawariya earned second place with $13.35 million on 899 screens in 12 markets, which is a fantastic start for a Bollywood film, but anti-climatic compared to Om Shanti Om's debut. The film did very strong business in India with early numbers suggesting more than $10 million over the weekend. However, it is not earning the same praise among moviegoers and isn't expected to have the same legs. While it might not live up to the hype as the first Bollywood film with major Hollywood studio backing, it should still be a profitable venture.

Despite opening day-and-date in more than 40 markets, Lions for Lambs had to settle for third place with $10.34 million on 2675 screens in 44 markets, which is no better than its domestic opening. The film didn't open first in any major market, but came closest in Spain, ($2.24 million on 298 screens), and Australia, ($837,000 on 248 screens). However, in both cases the film finished second to a movie that had been in release for a month, therefore, its high placing had more to do with light competition and not and real strength shown by the movie itself. Conversely, Lions for Lambs only managed fifth in South Korea with $738,000 on 204 screens, sixth in the U.K. with $1.37 million on 404 screens, sixth in Germany with $1.01 million on 300 screens, and seventh in Russia with $283,000 on 139 screens. The film has very few significant markets left to open in, (France, Italy, and Japan), and it has little hope of turning things around at this point.

Ratatouille fell from first to fourth, which would normally be a bad sign, however, the films hasn't had an opening in three weeks and it was bound to slip sooner than later. Over the weekend it added $9.29 million on 3680 screens in 30 markets for a total of $388.58 million internationally and $594.50 million worldwide. The film is still in first place in a few midlevel markets like Poland, ($465,000 on 130 screens), Sweden, ($446,000 on 181), and Switzerland, ($438,000 on 98). However, much of its weekend take came from a trio of $1 million markets: U.K. at $2.59 million on 495 screens, Germany at $1.89 million on 830 screens, and Italy at $1.68 million on 411 screens. Running tallies for the three markets hit $45.52 million, $43.63 million, and $22.84 million respectively.

The Heartbreak Kid slipped a spot to fifth despite growing 11% to $8.73 million on 1762 screens in 23 markets for a total of $41.26 million, which is ahead of its ahead of its disappointing domestic total. The growth was aided by a $706,000 on 115 screens while it had to settle for second place in Italy with $2.70 million on 293 screens. Meanwhile, the film added $2.28 million on 497 screens during its second weekend in Germany for a running tally of $6.34 million.


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