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Honeymoon Not Over for Old Men

November 20th, 2007

Margot at the Wedding won the race on the per theater chart with just over $80,000 in two theater for an average of $40,518. No Country for Old Men was pushed into second place, but it managed seventh place on the overall chart with over $3 million in just 148 theaters, giving the film an impressive average of $20,782. The only other film to top $10,000 was Holly with $12,442 in its lone theater.

What Would Jesus Buy? came close to the $10,000 mark with $9,527 in its lone theater while Smiley Face had a reasonable opening with $5,993 in its one theater. The rest of the films all missed the $2,000 mark, led by Southland Tales with $1,959. Redacted opened with just over $25,000 in 15 theaters for an average of $1,709; however, it also opened on pay per view and that hurts box office numbers. Eleven Men Out took in just $1,302, which is not surprising since it is a niche market, of a niche market, of a niche market film.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Before the Devil Knows You're Dead reached $2 million over the weekend, but it has likely peaked at the box office. It should have little difficulty reaching more milestones, though.
  • Om Shanti Om also reached $2 million since last week, but it fell sharply as most niche films often do.
  • Lars and the Real Girl made it to $4 million over the weekend and $5 million should be no problem.
  • No Country for Old Men topped $4 million and should expand enough to graduate from this list.
  • Bella made it all the way to $5 million and while $10 million will be tough to reach, it isn't out of the question.
  • It's been very rare for a limited release to make it to $10 million this year, but The Darjeeling Limited managed to do just that this weekend.


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