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IMAX - 3-D Stands for Dollars, Dollars, Dollars

November 30th, 2007

While Beowulf's success on the big screen has been muted, it's numbers on the really big screen have broken records. The film opened with $3.58 million on 84 IMAX screens, which was a record for highest percentage of the total opening weekend for an IMAX release. During its second weekend of release, the film added $2.95 million on 84 screens, this time a record for sophomore stint for a Hollywood IMAX release. Overall, Beowulf has brought in a total of $8.8 million domestically and $11.1 million worldwide, proving that 3-D is on the verge of making a full comeback and returning to the glory days not seen since drive-ins dotted the landscape.

Next up for IMAX is I Am Legend in December while it was recently announced that The Spiderwick Chronicles will also be released on IMAX.


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