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Limited Releases have Limited Ambition

December 21st, 2007

Another slow week for limited releases. Not only are there only four films on this week's list, but none of them are earning overall positive reviews, in fact, two of them were not even screened for critics. Thing do heat up next week with a Christmas day / Friday releases as studios try to get the last word for the Oscar race.

Blonde Ambition - No Reviews
A movie that just screams direct-to-DVD. In fact, it was scheduled for such a release and it only coming to a few theaters in Texas tonight because the two stars are from there. However, that won't have a serious effect at the box office and it will struggle to hit the Mendoza Line.

Flakes - Reviews
Michael Lehmann's return to the Indie comedy after a string of less than well received studio films, the latest being Because I Said So. Sadly, this film is earning reviews that are closer to that film than his classic debut, Heathers. Flakes opened on Wednesday at the IFC Center in New York City.

Steep - Reviews
A documentary about extreme skiing. It's earning the best reviews of any limited release of the week, but they are still not enough to cross into the overall positive territory. A visual feast, but there's not much else to wow moviegoers. Add in a limited target audience, and this might hurt its box office numbers. Steep opens tonight in six theaters, but only half are in New York City or the Los Angeles area with debuts in Montana, Oregon, and Utah.

Taare Zameen Par - No Reviews
Typical Indian film. It's the widest release of the week but there's almost chance of serious crossover appeal. On the other hand, this story of an Inspirational Teacher should earn the biggest box office of any film on this week's list. Taare Zameen Par opens in 35 theaters in select cities nationwide.


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