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Narnia Remains King of the International Box Office

January 11th, 2006

Narnia again led the international box office, this time taking in $30 million on 7,528 screens in 36 markets for a total of $277 million as it broke $500 million worldwide. That puts the film in sixth place for the year on the international charts and its $525 million worldwide total is fourth for the year. There were not much in the way of new openings this weekend but it did finish first in both Poland with $1.5 million and in Argentina with $1 million. The film's best market over the weekend was again France with $5.9 million for a $28.1 million overall. On the other hand, the film's best market overall is still the U.K. where the film has earned an amazing $67.81 million overall, including $3.78 million on 489 screens this weekend.

There was some good news for King Kong this weekend, including topping $250 million internationally with $24 million on 6,900 screens in 57 markets for a $272 million internationally. Also, the film was able to reclaim top spot in the U.K. with $3.83 million on 473 screens, just beating Narnia's $3.78 million. (On the other hand, that film has earned $67.81 million during its run compared to Kong's $46.20 million there.) Other strong markets include Germany with $1.97 million on 713 screens, France with $1.4 million on 771, Spain with $1.43 million on 378, Japan with $1.4 million on 305, and Australia with $1.12 million at 242. New Zealand is a smaller market, but it has done fabulously there with $4.7 million so far (including $460,000 on 74 screens this weekend), which is more than Revenge of the Sith earned in the country.

There's not much new to report for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but it did add $11.4 million on more 6,500 screens in 58 markets for $568.8 million running tally. That puts the film in sixth on all time on the international charts. Worldwide, the film has $850.3 million, and that puts it ahead of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and into first place for the year and 11th All-Time. Tenth place is easily obtainable, but how far it can climb is still up in the air.

Another film to reach a milestone this weekend was Chicken Little as it became the 20th film released in 2005 to reach $100 million internationally. It did so with $5.9 million on 3,651 screens, including $1.78 million on 333 screens during its first fill weekend in Australia for $4.66 million total since the first of the year.

Rounding out the top five was Day Watch, the sequel to the Russian film, Night Watch. Day Watch actually opened the Sunday before last, but during its first full weekend in its home market it easily scored a first place finish with $5.61 million over the weekend and $17.67 million in total. This puts the film on pace to break records in the market and that's another sign that Russia is emerging as a real player on the international scene.


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