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Walking Away With the Win

March 11th, 2006

In a week that saw four new releases in the top ten, Walk the Line won the weekly race with $11.78 in DVD rentals. (Like many releases, it was either not released on VHS or the studio is not tracking VHS rentals.) Your, Mine & Ours opened in second place with $6.58 million. The first of three holdovers in the top five was The Weather Man with $3.86 million over the week and $8.62 million in total. North Country fell slightly faster to $3.79 million for the week and $8.65 in total while Domino had the worst week-to-week drop-off at just 24% falling to $3.58 million / $8.34 million. All three of those movies should have no trouble topping their disappointing domestic totals on the home market.

There were only two other new releases charting this week, but both placed in the top ten led by The Ice Harvest with $3.22 million compared to under $9 million domestically. Lastly there's Pride & Prejudice, which came in ninth place with $3.15 million.

The overall rental market continues the trend started weeks ago as it rose 1.8% for the week to $163.2 million but down 4.6% from the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, the gap between 2005 and 2005 continues to grow on a raw dollar basis with $1.5 billion in total rentals, but percentwise, 2006 is now back by only 4.6%.

Over on the sales chart, every single film in the top five was a new release, including two from Walk the Line. The Sinlge Disc Edition topped the charts ahead of Lady and the Tramp's 50th Anniversary Edition. Pride & Prejudice debuted in third place, which was better than it performed on the rental charts. The same can't be said for Your, Mine & Ours as it finished two spots lower in fourth. Rounding out the top five was Walk the Line - Collector's Edition.

The only other new release to chart this week was by The Ice Harvest, which finished in ninth place, just one spot lower than it was on the rental charts.

As a preview for next week's list, the studio announced this week that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire sold 5 million copies on Tuesday alone. (The didn't say how many were 2-Disc Special Edition, Single Disc Edition, or as part of the Gift Pack. It was, however, the best single day sale of any film from the Franchise.

It was another light week for new releases on the TV on DVD sales charts with Grey's Anatomy - Season 1 remaining in first place. The recently cancelled series, Charmed, was in second place with its Complete Fourth Season release. The only other new release in the top ten was NewsRadio - The Complete Third Season. Long time residents of the top five were next with Lost - The Complete First Season and The Chappelle Show - Season 2 coming in fourth and five.