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Oscar Bounce Crashes

March 14th, 2006

Famed Oscar Bounce failed to materialize this year partially because the awards were spread out over many difference films and partially because many winners were well into their releases.

Four films that won three Oscars, Brokeback Mountain, Crash, King Kong, and Memoirs of a Geisha, but only the latter two saw any real bounce. Memoirs of a Geisha rose 30.6% to $117,000 while King Kong increased 29.3% to $268,000, but in both cases that was only a tiny amount compared to its overall box office. Brokeback Mountain fell more than 50% while, Crash's re-entry on the charts added just $343,000 to its box office.

Tsotsi benefited the most from the Oscars shooting up nearly 300%, but that makes sense as it has only been in theatre for three weeks. Also, George Clooney's win for Syriana helped it jump up nearly 70% and that will allow it to cross $50 million this week.

Other films like Walk the Line and Capote have been in release too long for their wins to have an effect while most of the rest have been out of the theatres for more than a month.


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