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Contest - Box Office Prediction - King Sized Contest - Winning Announcement

April 5th, 2006

The winners of our King Sized Contest was determined yesterday and the winners are...

David C. of Fremont, Ca who picks up the King Kong prize pack.
Daniel M. of Vacaville, CA who won the ATL prize pack.
And David R. of N. Abington, MA who won the Drawing Restraint 9 prize pack.

It was quite an exciting contest as we had our first repeat winner in David C. while Daniel M. correctly guessed ATL's opening box office with a margin of error of less than $55,000. However, David R. had than amazing feat of prognosticating beat by being with $11 of the correct answer for Drawing Restraint 9.

Congratulations to the winner, and thank you to all of those who entered. Our next contest is already under way so you all have another chance to win.


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