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Movie Website Updates for April 14 - April 20

April 20th, 2006

Another slow week and either I've lost my mojo for finding new and updated sites, or this is the calm before the storm that is the summer box office season. And speaking of Storm, the best of the bunch this week is X-Men: The Last Stand - Official Site.

300 - Official Site
The latest production journal is online.

American Dreamz - Official Site
No real changes in a couple of weeks. It's an effective site, but not an award worthy site.

An American Haunting - Official Site
I talked about this site previously, but it slipped off my radar screen since then and I'm not sure how long the flash site is up. It has all the usual features plus a unsuccessful attempt to convince me that the movie is based on a true story. Long-time readers know how much I hate it when studios try to pass off obvious pieces of fiction as if they are based on a true story. But I'll admit, the strategy usually works.

Cars - Official Site
Two more cars, Sarge and Fillmore, were added to the site.

The Celestine Prophecy - Official Site
All the normal features are here plus information on the book and even a behind the scene featurette. However, while watching said featurette my browser crashed, twice. I don't know if it is a problem on my end of their end, but the result is the same.

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks - Official Site
There were two clips added this week including one on

The Da Vinci Code - Official Site
This site is taking an unacceptably long time to load. It's always been a slow site, but this week it is terrible.

In Her Line of Fire - Official Site
All the usual features are here, as well as seven clips, but it doesn't have a very polished feel.

Just My Luck - Official Site
Just the synopsis, image gallery and the trailer so far with very little time to launch a full site.

Lady Vengeance - Official Site
What little content there was last week is now gone.

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man - Official Site
The site underwent a complete redesign, but I'm not sold on it. For one thing, the movie is about singer / songwriter, but there's not music. Also, while the trailer is online, it's over on

Mission: Impossible: 3 - Official Site
Nine clips and another behind-the-scenes featurette were added to the site this week.

Monster House - Official Site
The site now just redirects you to the international release dates. And if you click on United States you just get taken back.

Nacho Libre - Official Site
Two more clips were added this week, and while they are getting better, they are still not as entertaining as I had hoped for.

The Omen - Official Site
Another teaser trailer was added to the site, but I'm still not interested.

Over the Hedge - Official Site
There were a few updates this week including some character bios and a maze game. It's a very hectic site and that makes figuring out what is new much harder, but it does encourage repeat visits.

See No Evil - Official Site
The final floor was added to the hotel, but it again had very little in the way of true interaction. Overall it's a good section and adds a lot to the site, but if there were more branching it would have been an award worthy site regardless of the competition. As it is, it not quite award-worthy on a slow week like this week.

The Sentinel - Official Site
No changes from last week meaning the clips are still marked coming soon.

Sketches of Frank Gehry - Official Site
All the usual information for a documentary site include plenty of images of Frank Gehry and sketches and buildings.

Silent Hill - Official Site
Six clips were added to the placeholder site. They really set a mood, but didn't do a whole lot to explain the movie. That's probably for the best.

World Trade Center - Official Site
No real content so far.

X-Men: The Last Stand - Official Site
The official site is finally active causing all the Fanboys to squeal in delight. Weeeeee! (Before you send any angry letters, it is important to remember that I'm not mocking you, I am one of you.) So far there's not a whole lot of content with some of the usual features, (synopsis, production notes, image gallery, and trailer), but the heart of the site are the character bios. Each of the 16 character bios has brief bio, list of powers, images, and downloads. Add in an impressive amount of animation, including a lengthy intro, and I have very high hopes for this site even with little in the way of features marked coming soon. I have such high hopes that I'm awarding the site the anticipatory Weekly Website award. I'm confident this premature acclamation won't go to waste.


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