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Limited Releases - The Truth is Out There

May 25th, 2006

While there are only four films on this week's list, one of them could have the biggest documentary to come out since Fahrenheit 9/11. But An Inconvenient Truth isn't the only limited release worth checking out.

Cavite - Reviews
If I recall correctly, this film was delayed from last year at the last minute, but it was obviously not because it lacked quality. Cavite is about a Filipino-American man who returns to his home country for his father's funeral, but when he gets there he learns his mother and sister have been kidnapped and will be killed if he doesn't follow the kidnappers every instruction. This lean and taught thriller deals with a subject most film's won't touch, and does it a way that should shame Hollywood filmmakers. Cavite opens tomorrow in Cinema Village in New York City and the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles.

Fanaa - Reviews
The latest Bollywood musical is the widest release of the week, which is the norm for when these films come out. However, the genre is still very much a niche market and it will likely not expand any further than the six-dozen theatres it starts in tomorrow.

An Inconvenient Truth - Reviews
One of the most hotly anticipated documentaries in a long time. Some are even referring to the movie as the first step in Al Gore's return to politics and the start of his 2008 presidential run. As for the movie itself, it is an amazing look at the changing environment and how humans are negatively affecting the world around us. The reviews are the best of any release this week, with most of the complaints centering on either the science or the politics, neither of which are valid assaults in this case. The science is very sound; there is no serious debate to whether the Earth is getting warmer or whether humans are the cause. As for attacking the politics, that's just sad. The environment should not be a Left-wing / Right-wing argument as everyone should be concerned about state of the Earth. On the other hand, there are some valid concerns raised whether the movie will actually convince anyone or if it is just preaching to the choir. An Inconvenient Truth opened yesterday in four theatres, including the Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles and the Sunshine Cinema in New York City and has already made an estimated $80,000 in one day in those four theatres.

Shem - Reviews
The movie stars Ash Newman as Daniel, a bored Londoner asked by his Jewish grandmother to go on a journey through Europe to find the grave of grandfather. It's a Road Trip / Coming of Age movie with a hearty dose of sex, sex, and religious reverence thrown in. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on any level. Shem opens tomorrow Village East in New York City


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