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International Top Five - Pirates Rule International Waters

July 12th, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest started its international run with day-and-date releases in seven markets and on 1552 screens earning an astounding $46.64 million. Over half of that total came from the U.K. where it debuted in first place with $21.21 million on 514 screens over the weekend and $25.41 million in total. That was the film's only 8-figure opening, but it also did well in Australia with $8.33 million on 489 screens and New Zealand with $1.17 million on 95 screens. The film set a record for top opening for a Hollywood film in South Korea with $8.4 million on 450 screens while topping the market in Taiwan with $1.9 million on 18, Thailand with $1.4 million on 110, and an estimated $100,000 in Uruguay. In most markets the film earned double what its predecessor made. However, if one were to look for a downside, you'd quickly notice that the film didn't break nearly as many records internationally as it did domestically. It was a top ten all-time opening in many markets, but not the colossal it was here.

Over the Hedge climbed into second place by nearly doubling its weekend haul to $20.55 million on 4274 screens in 28 markets for a $64.19 million total. The film opened in first place in Germany with $4.29 million on 816 screens, Mexico with $3 million on 403, and in France with $2.7 million on 713. That last figure was the most impressive as France was playing in the World Cup final on Sunday and caused a serious drop-off in the overall box office. In the meantime, the film fell 40% during its second weekend in the U.K. to $4.01 million on 501 screens for a $12.86 million total. With more than half the world left to open in, the film should have no trouble topping $100 million, but it won't be a monster hit like most digitally animated films have been'

Cars slipped a spot to third with $13.86 million on 4817 screens in 30 markets for an international total of $64.62 million after a month or release. The film opened in first place in Spain with $3.28 million on 556 screens over the weekend and $3.75 million in total, which was nearly 6 times what its nearest competitor earned. The film also debuted in first place in Belgium, but was not as dominant with $467,000 on 102 screens over the weekend and $588,000 in total. This film could be the first Pixar to earn less internationally than it did domestically since Toy Story. But even as disappointing as that is, it should stil have no trouble making money for the studio.

Superman Returns fell from first to fourth with $9.17 million on 1855 screens in 16 markets for a total of $36.29 million so far. That represents a 59% drop-off from its opening last weekend, and that takes into account its first place, $528,000 opening on 95 screens in South Africa. Its biggest market was South Korea where it fell 51% to $1.85 million on 287 screens for the weekend and $8.09 million while in Australia it was down 62% to $1.46 million on 409 screens for a $6.75 million total. Next weekend it opens in the U.K., France, Spain, Mexico, and other smaller markets and should see better results.

Mission: Impossible 3 returned to the top five thanks to a first place opening in Japan; the film made $6.32 million on 807 screens over the weekend and $12.41 million in total. The film is still playing in 30 other markets, but their combined total was barely noticeable compared to its Japanese run and lifted its weekend haul to $6.55 million while its international total sits at $219.38 million. This is well below studio expectations, but more than enough to ensure a profit by the time it hits the home market.


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