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Times are a-Changing on Per Theatre Charts

July 18th, 2006

Changing Times led the way on the per theatre charts this weekend. The French film scored $31,702 in its lone theatre. Second place went to Heading South, which saw its per theatre average decline by just 22% to $16,798. Both Gabrielle and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest were very close behind with $15,338 and $15,085 respectively while no other film made it into the $10,000 club.

However, there were a couple of films that were close including Edmond with an average of $9,627 in two theatres and The Groomsmen with $8,682 in three. Time to Leave matched Francois Ozon's previous film with $15,377 in 2 theatres for an average of $7,689. Next up was Excellent Cadavers with $6,695 in one theatre over the weekend and $10,390 since its Wednesday debut. Only three films didn't get off to good starts: The Oh in Ohio earned an average of $4,870 -- the film probably should have opened in fewer theatres than the 14 in played in over the weekend. The same could be said for Mini's First Time, but it was unlikely to have breakout success regardless of its release strategy as it opened with just under $22,000 in 7 theatres for an average of $3,118. Finally, The Color of Olives flopped, earning a mere $555 in its lone theatre over the weekend and just $728 since Wednesday.

A Scanner Darkly was the only film to hit a major milestone this weekend and it crossed $1 million during the weekend. It managed this feat with a 10th place, $1.27 million haul on 216 screens and will like have crossed $2 million by Monday.


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