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Movie Website Updates for August 12 - August 18

August 18th, 2006

Another busy week with plenty of choices to choose from for the Weekly Website Award. I went with Open Season - Official Site as it has a great combination of style and substance and with three more games marked coming soon, it should only get better.

10th and Wolf - Official Site
No changes in a while.

Accepted - Official Site
This is the greatest website ever, because it has my name on it. (I came up with the class, Google Fu and the Art of the Search.) Overall, the site has all the usual features and sells the film quite well.

Aurora Borealis - Official Site
All the usual features are on the site, but nothing that makes it stand out.

Black Snake Moan - Official Site
Just a contest to make your own trailer.

Casino Royale - Official Site
The latest Blog entry is mostly about Eva Green.

Crossover - Official Site
The trivia game and the moves mixer were added to the site.

The Departed - Official Site
The synopsis and the image gallery were added this week.

Employee of the Month - Official Site
The rest of the usual features were added. The closest there is to an extra on the site is the character bios under the Employee of the Month section. One last note, that background music was too repetitive and wasn't that good the first time your hear it.

Everyone's Hero - Official Site
The full site launched this week and it has all the features you would expect including synopsis, production notes, character bios, etc. It also has two of the five games online including a mah-jongg and a batting practice game.

Factotum - Official Site
No real changes since the full site first launched.

Feast - Official Site
There's nothing on the site, but at least they are having a real site and not just a MySpace one.

Ghost Rider - Official Site
The latest Blog deals with the character of Roxanne Simpson.

Gridiron Gang - Official Site
The placeholder site was re-designed while the flash site launched this week. All of the usual features are here, synopsis, production notes, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer. The heart of the site are the five character bio sections, each with a couple of video clips. There is also one section called Challenge, which I assume will be for games. Once that's added, the site can be judged, but at the moment it is off to a great start.

The Ground Truth - Official Site
The film is a message movie, and at times the site seems more concerned with getting the message out that convincing people that the movie is worth checking out. This is understandable, but could backfire. One last note, the trailer is not on the site yet, but we have links. Click here for Quicktime and here for Windows Media.

Happy Feet - Official Site
The flash site launched this week, but there's not much here. So far there's just the synopsis, image gallery, trailer, and games marked coming soon.

Idlewild - Official Site
Some clips are online, but not on the site. Ace's Funeral, Angel & Percy, Angel Voice, Percival's Dad, Rooster Bowtie, Rooster Performs, Rooster Chase, Rooster.

The Illusionist - Official Site
Good site with all the necessary features as well as extras like clips. It sets the mood very well and that helps sell the film. And while it stands out compared to most sites, it's not quite enough to be an award-winning site.

Invincible - Official Site
The second game was added to the site, a passing game.

Man of the Year - Official Site
Not much on the site yet. There's the synopsis, cast and crew list, image gallery and a reasonably funny trailer. I've not been happy with Robin Williams' recent work, so it might take a bit more to sell me on this film, but so far it looks promising.

Material Girls - Official Site
The site has the basics, but that's it. There are links to the MySpace site and Hilary's Blog, but that's not enough to sell the movie.

Open Season - Official Site
The flash site finally launched after more than a year since the teaser site first launched, but it was worth the wait. All the usual features are here, synopsis, character bios, image gallery, trailer, etc. There are also some extras like a behind-the-scenes featurette and some games. (So far only two of the five games are online, but we could see weekly updates.) Add in a ton of sound and animation here with including audio clips, mouseovers, etc. and you have a sight that should really sell the film well to its target audience. It is also enough to push the film to the top of this week's list making it the winner of the arboreal Weekly Website Award

Pierrepoint - Official Site
Simple site with most of the usual features, (there are no bios). However, with little in terms of style, there's not enough here to make it stand out.

The Return - Official Site
Just a re-direct so far, but we have links to the trailer. It can be found here for Quicktime and here for Windows. I think the trailers would be a lot more effective it there wasn't a problem with people confusing it with The Grudge. The violent murder causing the terror to remain behind infecting people is just a little too similar to that film, and the fact that they both star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Saw III - Official Site
The placeholder site has been redone and now includes the teaser trailer, information on the Halloween blood drive, among other things. As for the trailer, it is far too much teaser for my liking, but this is a common complaint.

Shrek the Third - Official Site
There is absolutely no content on this site, but I'm tempted to give it the weekly website award just to get it over with. Odds are this will be an award-worthy site before all is said and done as the sites for the previous films were.

Snakes on a Plane - Official Site
I was expecting a lot more from this site but I think the studio is relying on the grassroots Internet movement to promote the film.

Spider-Man 3 - Official Site
Two video blog entries were added this week, one is an introduction by the director and the other is the fans reaction to the teaser trailer.

This Film is Not Yet Rated - Official Site
There's a slight change to the look of the main page, but no real content changes.

The Transformers - Official Site
They revealed the list of Transformers that will appear in the movie. I'm hoping that's just a partial list, because it's just over a dozen names long.

Trust the Man - Official Site
No real changes since it won the award last week.


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