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Movie Website Updates for September 23 - September 29

September 30th, 2006

It's a very, very short list this week with only the movies opening this weekend on the list. The reason for this is simple, I have come down with a rather nasty cold and after four or five days of cold medication have taken their toll. Fortunately, although the quantity is low, the quality is high including this winner of the Weekly Website Award: Open Season - Official Site.

Facing The Giants - Official Site
This is a good site with all the usual features, but there's just not enough to help it stand out.

The Guardian - Official Site
The final three features were added to the site this week. They include information on famous rescues, a look at the equipment and jargon used by the Coast Guard, and a place to submit and read rescue stories. Overall a very good site, just not quite up to the level of an award-winning site.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - Official Site
All the basic are here, (synopsis, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer), with extras in the form of a text based interview and several clips. With good background music, it it's better than most, but can't really rises above the pack.

The Last King of Scotland - Official Site
Not much has changed since the site was last on this site. It is still very strong and sells the movie very well.

Open Season - Official Site
This is what I like to see in a movie website. There's plenty on content including all the usual features, at least usual for an animated film, (synopsis, character bios, image gallery, trailer, video clips), and there are even a ton of extras like several games, behind the scenes featurettes, music video, etc. Add in all the sounds and animation and you have a top-notch site. My only real complaint is the load times, which were a little long tonight, but that's not enough to prevent it from winning the hinterland Weekly Website Award.

School for Scoundrels - Official Site
Very disappointed in this site. There's just the synopsis, trailer, clips, and a few quotes from some reviews. I wasn't even that impressed by the clips that they choose.

The Queen - Official Site
A very simple site with all the usual features but no much in the way of extras.


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