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International Top Five - The Devil You Say

October 11th, 2006

There was not a single new release in the top five, for that matter, all five films were in the top five last weekend as well. However, we still had a surprise number one as The Devil Wears Prada claimed the crown with $19.37 million on 2975 screens in 33 markets for a total of $42.16 million so far. That is almost 60% higher than it earned last weekend. Almost all of this growth can be attributed to the film's first place, $6.11 million opening on 447 screens in the U.K. but the film also took first place in Russia with $2.32 million on 299 screens and in Spain with $2.15 million on 301 screens. As for holdovers, it remained in first place in Australia down just 27% to $1.88 million on 321 screens and now has $7.02 million in the market while it fell 35% in France to $2.99 million over the weekend and $7.63 million in total. Comedies tends to be very cultural and usually they don't translate well. Perhaps the experience of having a bad boss is universal, (not that I would know anything about that), or perhaps the film's darker edge it helping it overseas.

World Trade Center earned practically the same box office as last weekend down just 1% to $12.68 million on 3436 screens in 34 markets for a total of $40.10 million. The film opened first in Japan with $3.30 million on 348 screens while it had to settle for third in Australia with $683,000 on 203 screens. On the other hand, the film fell 48% during its second weekend in the U.K. adding $1.62 million on 413 screens to its total of $6.35 million so far. Other major market holdovers include Spain where it fared slightly worse down 51% to $1.36 million on 419 and Germany where it was down 42% to $967,000 on 497.

Click remained steady in third place with $8.79 million on 3030 screens in 51 markets and now has $73.15 million. The film only had one major opening this weekend and that was France where it flopped with $705,963 from 234 screens. This was more than compensated with strong holds in the U.K., (down 29% to $2.39 million), and Spain, (down 25% to $1.26 million) and the film now has $7.17 million and $3.26 million in those two markets respectively. No major openings will leave the film tumbling down the charts in the coming weeks, but it should still only take several days for it to surpass 50 First Dates as Adam Sandler's biggest international success.

The War Of Flowers, a.k.a. Tazza: The High Rollers, saw its fortunes grow by 50% in South Korean. That gave the film $8.57 million on 620 screens over the weekend and $24.30 million in total. This is a huge number considering the market is roughly one tenth the size of the domestic one, but the movie industry there has been able to churn out such hits on a regular basis for a long time now.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer slipped just 9% adding $7.71 million on 1868 screens in 7 markets to its already impressive total of $57.33 million. The film opened in third place in France with $2.18 million. In the meantime, it was finally knocked out of first place in Germany, (by another local film), but still managed $3.97 million on 802 screens for a four-week total of $35.73 million.


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