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Movie Website Updates for October 7 - October 13, 2006

October 14th, 2006

With more and more Oscar contenders getting ready to start their theatrical runs, it is fitting that a satire of such films, For Your Consideration - Official Site, takes home the Weekly Website Award.

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker - Official Site
This is a good site, or at least it was. There appears to be issues today and the site is partially down. I'll check back later today to see if it is back

Alpha Dog - Official Site
The site's back, but it looks more generic that the previous incarnation. Also, the only content is the synopsis, image gallery, and trailer.

Apocalypto - Official Site
The full site is up. There's a couple of extras including a behind the scenes featurette and some information on the Mayan culture. However, it doesn't do enough to sell the movie.

Bobby - Official Site
Just the trailer so far. It is obviously an Oscar contender, or at least that is what it is aiming for. But it is too soon to tell how strong the movie is, or what it's competition is like.

Casino Royale - Official Site
The latest blog entry is on the new Aston Martin, specifically how it is too stable to roll and how that gave the stunt crew fits.

Catch A Fire - Official Site
The full site launched this week, and it contains all of the usual features plus a couple of extras. These are a behind-the-scenes video clip and a history of apartheid.

Cocaine Cowboys - Official Site
The full site launched this week and it is excellent. There's the normal menu system at the bottom, but you can also find all of the content by exploring the room, which is rendered in 3-D. All the usual feature for a documentary site are here, as well as extras like movie clips, additional background information, and more. However, it is the style that makes it stand out.

Death of a President - Official Site
Not much here, just the synopsis, trailer, and a message board.

Deck the Halls - Official Site
The site is dead.

Deliver Us From Evil - Official Site
Not much has changed since last week but it is still very subdued and powerful.

Driving Lessons - Official Site
No changes since last week.

Flags of Our Fathers - Official Site
The rest of the usual features were added to the site this week including extensive production notes dealing with not only the making of the film but about the battle and the famous photograph.

Flicka - Official Site
My Indie Spirit was added this week, but it is not nearly as interesting as I has hoped.

For Your Consideration - Official Site
This is two sites in one. The first site is for the real movie, For Your Consideration. The other is for the movie within a movie, Home for Purim. The main site has all the usual features, (synopsis, production notes, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer). The side site has most of the usual features, (synopsis, cast & crew bios, etc.), however, the cast & crew bios here are more like character bios for the main site. Also on the site are two clips, but they are still marked coming soon. The site certainly made me want to see more, which is the best complement a movie site can get and while Home for Purim might not win many awards, this site takes home the Red-Carpet Weekly Website Award.

Fur - Official Site
The full site launched this week, but there's not much here. Also, I don't like how they did the image gallery. Instead of clicking on the image to see it, you have to hold down the mouse button.

Ghost Rider - Official Site
The trailer is online, all the Fanboys say, "Huh." It's not the train wreck I feared, in fact, it's pretty good. But I'm still on a wait and see on this one. Also new this week is a short clips of the transformation scene.

The Good German - Official Site
No real content so far.

The Grudge 2 - Official Site
Not much as changed since the flash site first launched. It's not bad, but it feels like there should be more.

Infamous - Official Site
All the usual features are here, including extensive production notes. The site also has enough style to stand out, most in the form of audio clips, but not enough to be an award-winning site.

Man of the Year - Official Site
Not much as changed, which is a disappointing. When the site first launched I figured it was a great start, not the end of the line.

Nearing Grace - Official Site
Not much here, just the synopsis, cast & crew list, and trailer. The lone extra is an under-populated journal.

One Night with the King - Official Site
All of the usual features are here, but the heart of the site are the video clips, which including the trailer, behind-the-scenes, and interviews.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Official Site
Just the trailer so far, but I couldn't get it to work. The trailer would only load part way then hang on me.

Running With Scissors - Official Site
Some more audio and video clips were added to the site this week. The film looks intriguing, but perhaps too bizarre even for me.

Saw III - Official Site
There's a new contest where you can win a poster printed with the blood of Tobin Bell.

So Much So Fast - Official Site
All of the usual features are here, but it doesn't have a very professional feel.

Stardust - Official Site
No content so far.

Stranger than Fiction - Official Site
There's a slight change to the placeholder site. Also, the main site took forever to load. And by forever I mean nearly 1 full minute.

Surf's Up - Official Site
The trailer was added to the site and it's better than I thought it would be. However, I still think it will be a tough sell.

Sweet Land - Official Site
All the usual features are here, but it doesn't have a very polished feel.

Tideland - Official Site
It has been a long, long time since there was any real updates on this site.

We Are Marshall - Official Site
Just the synopsis and the trailer so far.

Zerophilia - Official Site
Not much here, just the cast bios and the trailer.


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