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Movie Queen's Reign Rivals Real Royalty

October 17th, 2006

The Queen led the per theatre charts for the third weekend in a row, taking in an average of $22,228 in its 46 theatres. Granted, the film has a while to catch up to the more than 50 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, but this is still a very rare feat for a film to accomplish. Second place went to newcomer Sweet Land with an unexpected opening weekend average of $20,930. The only other film to top $10,000 was Little Children as the film held up very well, dipping less than 14% to $16,910.

There were several other new limited releases this weekend with Tideland being the best of the rest at $7,276 in its lone theatre. This is a good start, but its mainstream appeal is too limited for it to expand significantly. Next up is Deliver Us From Evil at a disappointing average of $3,914. I think it is safe to say Rupert Grint's $200 million streak is over as Driving Lessons averaged just $2,825 in eight theatres. Infamous was close behind with $2,531 in 179 theatres and even a sharp drop-off this coming weekend shouldn't prevent it from at least reaching $1 million. The same can't be said for So Much So Fast as it earned just $1,015 in its lone theatre over the weekend and $1,465 since Wednesday. Finally, we have more evidence that the select cities release strategy just doesn't work as Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker crashed and burned with just $215,177 in 221 theatres for an average of just $974.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theatre Charts alumni:

  • The Last King of Scotland has held on very well to its impressive opening weekend numbers and topped $1 million over the weekend. Its run is far from over.
  • The Queen was also able to top $1 million over the weekend and since it is still over the $10,000 per theatre average it should have no trouble expanding further and seeing more milestones fall.
  • Trailer Park Boys: The Movie saw a sharp drop-off this weekend but still earned hit $2 million during its run and with $2,417,840 Canadian, it should have no trouble reaching $3 million by this time next weekend.
  • The Science of Sleep reached $3 million very, very early in the weekend and it is already halfway to $4 million.
  • Facing the Giants did not lose as many theatres has I had expected, and those it held onto had a great weekend. This helped it to $3 million midweek and $4 million late in the weekend.
  • The Illusionist surpassed yet another milestone as it made it to $35 million over the weekend. It is now ahead of Take the Lead on the yearly charts and at the end of the weekend was just behind The Sentinel.


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