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Movie Website Updates for November 4 - November 10, 2006

November 11th, 2006

There was a clear winner amongst this week's batch of websites as Stranger than Fiction - Official Site took home the Weekly Website Award.

Bobby - Official Site
Just the trailer and a series of images that fade in and out.

Casino Royale - Official Site
The latest blog is on the last minute publicity efforts, (media tours, world premiere, etc.).

Cave of the Yellow Dog - Official Site
The site causes my browser to freak out. Can't review what I can't see.

Charlotte's Web - Official Site
Three more games were added to the site this week. They are obviously made for kids and should be fun for the young ones.

Come Early Morning - Official Site
Just the basics, and there's not enough to really sell the film.

Copying Beethoven - Official Site
The heart of this site are the interview clips of the two main stars. It's a great feature, but not enough to make the site as a whole stand out.

Daddy's Little Girls - Official Site
Just the trailer so far.

Deck the Halls - Official Site
The full site is up and it is really slow. Also, there's not much here that makes me want to watch the movie.

F*ck - Official Site
Good site will all the information needed for a documentary site. But be warned, it is not safe for work.

Fast Food Nation - Official Site
There's a new video online and it can be found over at YouTube.

Fur - Official Site
Just the basics, and not enough to sell the film.

Ghost Rider - Official Site
More casting on this week's blog, specifically on Eva Mendes.

A Good Year - Official Site
The flash site finally launched this week and the regular features are here, as well as a lot of audio and video clips.

Harsh Times - Official Site
Just the basics, and not even all of those.

Iraq in Fragments - Official Site
Everything you need in a documentary site, but without enough style to stand out.

Let's Go to Prison - Official Site
The production notes were added, and as expected, they had the cast & crew bios as well. Also, the final game, "Don't Drop The Soap" was also added.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj - Official Site
The flash site launched this week and most of the usual features are here. There is an extra called, "Study a Broad" but I can't get to it because I'm not American and therefore can't prove I'm 18 or older.

Night of the Living Dead 3D - Official Site
The usual features are here. The most unique feature on the site is the 3-D image gallery.

Number 23 - Official Site
The trailer is online, but it's going to take more than that to sell me on the movie. There's certainly and interesting premise, but there are too many pitfalls it needs to avoid during its execution.

The Painted Veil - Official Site
All the usual features are here, but there's nothing one could call an extra.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Official Site
The flash site is up, but there's not much content here. So far there's the synopsis, image gallery, and trailer with soundtrack and Perfume Coffret marked coming soon.

The Reaping - Official Site
A couple updates this week including an image gallery. The other was the cast list, but here the bios are marked coming soon.

The Return - Official Site
Just the basics. There are some audio and video clips, but that's not enough to make it stand out.

Spider-Man 3 - Official Site
The trailer is online! ... I bet you thought I was going to squeal with delight, didn't you? Well, I'm more mature than that. ... Anyhoo, the movie looks like it will continue to make Spider-man the best Super Hero franchise around.

Stranger than Fiction - Official Site
Excellent site with all the usual site, (synopsis, production notes, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer). There are also several audio clips, including some that were recording just for this site. In addition, there are several clips from the movie, a pod cast from the premiere, and several behind the scenes clips that would make a great extra on the DVD release. The only negative I can think of is the site feels empty at times. Not empty, but spacious. This is likely due to the white background more than anything else. This minor quibble aside, this is clearly the best site on this week's list and the winner of the expositive Weekly Website Award.

Venus - Official Site
Two trailers and the synopsis. Looks like it could be a charming film from Britain, at least one of which seems to show up every year at this time looking for some Oscar recognition.


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