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Holiday Gift Guide - Part I

December 3rd, 2006

We've been meaning to put out a holiday gift guide for a long, long time; however, the holidays are the busiest time of year for a site like ours so, much like our gift-giving, we've always run out of time to put together the kind of bumper list that we'd like to. But instead of putting it off yet again, we are going to try to get out a few good gift ideas each week from now until Christmas. We hope you find the perfect present for that hard-to-buy-for movie fan in your life. Or find the perfect gift for yourself, of course.

The first batch, and in no particular order...

For those who like good, independent movies and really bad puns
Nothing - Buy from Amazon
Description: Part of the minimalist trilogy by writer / director Vincenzo Natali, the first being The Cube. It's about two men who are having the worst day of their lives and simply want the rest of the world to go away. ... And then it does.
Pros: Excellent movie with almost no chance that the recipient has seen it. Also it has arguably the best name ever when it comes to giving gifts. "What did you get for Christmas?" "Nothing." The comedic possibilities are endless. Just don't give it to your significant other and say, "I love you this much."
Cons: As a Canadian movie, and a relatively low budget one at that, it might be hard to find.

For those who like to celebrate Christmas late
Purgatory House - Buy Direct
Description: Purgatory House tells the story of Silver Strand, a 14-year-old girl who recently committed suicide to get away from the pain and grief of her life, only to discover her afterlife will be filled with everything she tried to escape.
Pros: A great movie that deals with teen angst, drug addiction, suicide and other difficult topics and does it in a way that every teen should see. So of course the MPAA gave it an R rating.
Cons: Doesn't come out until January 17th. Order it now and tell them it got lost in the mail.

For those who like to wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes
Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition - Buy from Amazon
Description: Every Superman movie ever, including two versions of Superman 2.
Pros: Much cheaper than such a huge box set should be and there is plenty of features to satisfy even the most diehard Superman fan out there.
Cons: Of the six movies featured in the box set, only two or three are worth repeat viewing.

For those who like their entertainment a little more literate
Pride & Prejudice - Buy from Amazon
Description: Jane Austen's most popular novel adapted for TV in this BBC mini series.
Pros: The best adaptation of the novel ever made.
Cons: There have been several other adaptations and there's always the chance that the person prefers one of those.

The one with all the seasons... No, the other one with all the seasons
Friends - The Complete Series - Buy from Amazon
Description: All ten seasons of the long running series with a total running time of about 3 and a half days.
Pros: Very popular show and this is the best presentation of the show on DVD.
Cons: It's already been released as a full-series set, and many fans will already have the previous one.

For those who like their martinis shaken and not stirred
James Bond Ultimate Collection - Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4
Description: Every movie in the official James Bond franchise remastered and with more extras.
Pros: It's every movie in the official James Bond franchise remastered and with more extras. What more do you need to know?
Cons: This is the second time the complete James Bond franchise has been put out in a box set. Also, the volumes are not in chronological order so you can't pick and choose your favorite era.

Oh no, they say he's got to go go go Godzilla
Godzilla Triple-shot - Gojira Deluxe Collectors Edition, Godzilla Raids Again and Mothra vs. Godzilla
Description: Three movies from the Godzilla franchise. Includes both the Japanese and American versions.
Pros: This is the best presentation these films have ever had on DVD and they are three of the best films from the franchise.
Cons: There are a ton of Godzilla box sets out there and if you just like watching the movies for the kitsch factor you don't need these higher quality releases.

For those who like their TV shows short-lived
Book of Daniel - The Complete Season - Buy from Amazon
Description: All eight episodes of this hour-long drama. The show is about an Episcopalian priest and his dysfunctional family. Deals with drug addition, infidelity, racism, homophobia, corruption, etc., etc., etc.
Pros: Excellent writing, excellent cast, amazing number of story lines that are sure to draw in viewers.
Cons: Because it was cancelled without notice, the show ends on a cliffhanger that will never be resolved. Quite frustrating.

For those who like their TV shows even shorter-lived
Police Squad - The Complete Series - Buy from Amazon
Description: A spoof on cops shows like the Streets of San Francisco that was ahead of its time. One of the shortest runs for a TV show that made it to DVD at just 6 episodes.
Pros: Dense layering of jokes means it will take repeat viewing just to catch them all. Also, can watch all of the episodes in one sitting.
Cons: There are only six episodes and it will leave you wanting more.


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