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Movie Website Updates for December 9 - December 15, 2006

December 16th, 2006

The end of year big movie rush continues, the last few big movies are launching their sites. And one such movie, Night at the Museum - Official Site, is the winning of the Weekly Website Award.

300 - Official Site
A new video blog was added to the site, this time on the Spartan culture.

Breaking and Entering - Official Site
Seven interview clips were added to the site, as were most of the rest of the usual features.

Charlotte's Web - Official Site
The final animal in the barn was added and with it there is also an educational game and some clips. Overall this is a good site that should draw in the target audience.

Daddy's Little Girls - Official Site
New look. No new content.

The Dead Girl - Official Site
The site has the synopsis, cast & crew bios, image gallery, trailer and four clips.

Dreamgirls - Official Site
Most of the rest of the content was added to the site this week include 13 clips from the movie. It's a good site, but not an award-worthy site.

Eragon - Official Site
The final feature was added to the site. Basically it is nine clips you have to fly and find.

First Snow - Official Site
The trailer is online and it is very intriguing.

Freedom Writers - Official Site
The full site launched this week, and while there are a lot of features still marked coming soon, (bios, production notes, clips, etc.), there's more than enough here to help sell the movie.

The Good German - Official Site
No real changes from last week and that means soundtrack is still marked coming soon.

The Hitcher - Official Site
The full site is up, but there's not much here. The usual features are here with image gallery marked coming soon plus there's information on death rates, hitchhiker deaths, etc. I think it is supposed to add to the mood of the site, but it did nothing for me.

Home of the Brave - Official Site
All of the usual feature are here but the heart of the site are the four clips and the section to share your stories.

Letters from Iwo Jima - Official Site
The site is inactive, but the trailer is online.

Lucky You - Official Site
The usual features were added to the site, but it still feels like a placeholder site.

Offsides - Official Site
Just the press kit on the site, but the trailer can be found here.

Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills - Official Site
Just the trailer, which is offsite.

Night at the Museum - Official Site
The full site is up and it is huge. Not only are all of the usual features here, (synopsis, cast & crew bios, image galleries, trailer, etc.), but there's a lot to explore. By exploring the museum you can find character information, downloadables, and more. Best of all, if you can collect all nine glyphs you can find to get a bonus reward. The interactiveness of the site is a major plus and helps sell the movie very well. It is also the main reason the site wins the antiquity Weekly Website Award.

Notes on a Scandal - Official Site
The full site is up and while there's plenty of information it feels scrambled. I don't like the format with the blog entries / links below. It made sense for Fast Food Nation, since that was an advocacy movie, but here it doesn't fit as nicely here.

Pan's Labyrinth - Official Site
A new feature was added to the site, Guillermo Del Toro's Sketchbook. It's notes and pictures by the director and includes an audio commentary. Very cool feature.

Perfect Stranger - Official Site
Just the trailer so far.

Pride - Official Site
Just the trailer so far.

Pursuit of Happyness - Official Site
No real changes in a while.

Ratatouille - Official Site
The poster was added to the site.

Reign Over Me - Official Site
Just the trailer so far.

Shrek the Third - Official Site
The synopsis and the teaser trailer are online. The trailer wasn't as funny as I had hoped. I'm not writing off the movie, but I am on a wait and see approach.

Smokin' Aces - Official Site
A new production blog was launched.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Official Site
The full trailer is online and it looks pretty good. I'm not totally sold, but my hopes are rising.

Venus - Official Site
The timeline for Peter O'Toole was added, but it ends prematurely.


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