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Holiday Schedule

December 20th, 2006

With the holidays almost upon us, our regular schedule will be in flux until after the New Year. For instance, the website review, international details, and DVD release columns will all be abridged over the next two weeks. In addition, predictions, limited releases, and weekend wrap-up columns will be moved because of the erratic release schedules and box office result announcements.

The tentative schedule for the next week is as follows:

  • Wednesday: International Top Five & Predictions (includes films released on Christmas Day). Tuesday's daily box office.
  • Thursday: Weekly Website Reviews & Limited Release Report (includes films released on Christmas Day). Wednesday's daily box office.
  • Friday: Home Market Numbers & Gift Guide Part IV. Thursday's daily box office.
  • Saturday: International Details (Abridged). There will be no Friday estimates this week.
  • Sunday: No Scheduled Columns. Weekend estimates.
  • Monday: No Scheduled Columns.
  • Tuesday: DVD Release Report. Weekend box office.
  • Wednesday: Weekend Wrap-up and Per Theatre Charts. Tuesday's daily box office.