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New and Old Mix for Limited Releases

January 7th, 2005

Just a pair of new openings on the limited release front, but there are also a few more films expanding wider tonight as well.

Solitude - Reviews
The film tells the story of the twisted relationship between two siblings, Hilary, an artist stranded with her manager when her car breaks down, and Louis, her brilliant but suicidally depressed brother. The dysfunctional nature of their relations feels authentic, but the twists are too small and too telegraphed to be completely effective. The film opened yesterday in the Pioneer theatre in New York City.

Travellers and Magicians - Reviews
Directed by Khyentse Norbu, the same man who directed the Soccer film, The Cup. The film is the first feature film entirely shoot in Bhutan and uses non-professional actors culled from beautiful countryside. The film tells the story of a government official in a small village who dreams of leaving his tiny kingdom and picking apples in America. But when he gets his chance to leave, things don’t go as planed.

Many other limited releases are also expanding to take advantage of Golden Globe Nominations, Oscar Buzz or even simple word of mouth.

  • Birth is expanding, or to be more accurate, being re-released into more than 450 theatres to take advantage of Nicole Kidman’s nomination, but it is unlikely to make much of an impact.
  • Hotel Rwanda adds nearly 100 theatres to its theatre count pushing it to 105.
  • Kinsey adds more than 350 theatres to its theatre count, but its per theatre average may be too low to take advantage of this increase.
  • Millon Dollar Baby also adds nearly 100 theatres and could have a million dollar weekend.
  • Woodsman is more than doubling its theatre count from 13 to 29.

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