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All That's Golden Does Not Glitter

January 25th, 2005

Of the eight films that won Golden Globes last weekend, only a handful saw their box office take increase this weekend. This can be partially explained by the snowstorm, and partially by how late in the film's run it was by the time the awards were announced. However, it may also be an indication of the declining influence the awards ceremony has.

With three wins, The Aviator was the big winner at the awards, but it saw it's box office drop by 4.34% and its per theatre average drop by more than 17%. Granted, this was a more shallow decline that it had been suffering, but not the kind of Golden Globe bounce one would expect.

The results for the other winners include…

  • Being Julia more than tripled its previous weekend numbers and had its best per theater average in more than two months.
  • The Sea Inside grew by nearly 38% while its per theatre average lifted by 10%.
  • Sideways climbed by more than 31%, but this was thanks to a huge increase in its theatre count.
  • Million Dollar Baby dropped 8.92% at the box office and 24.5% on the per theatre average.
Two other winners, Closer and Ray are so far into their run that the Golden Globes can't be expected to have a noticeable impact. And the final winner, Alfie is not longer playing in theatres at all.

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