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Lost at Sea

January 28th, 2005

A handful of limited releases on this week's list, including the latest IMAX film.

Aliens of the Deep - Reviews
The latest film project born out of James Cameron's obsession with the sea. This one deals with undersea exploration and how the technology / techniques developed there could be used to help in exploring our solar system. Like many IMAX documentaries, this one focuses more on being entertaining than educational, but at least you can download additional materials from the website.

Fascination - Reviews
A Germany / British co-production, the film tells the story of a man whose father has recently died and whose mother is getting remarried. Suspicious of his father's death, he and his soon to be stepsister investigate the circumstances, including whether his mother and her new fiancée knew each other before the drowning. The film opens in 10 theater tonight, but is unlikely to earn the kind of word of mouth needed to expand after that.

Fear-X - Reviews
John Turturro stars as a security guard in the mall where his wife was murdered in an apparent random act. But, after receiving mysterious visions, he investigates the real circumstances surrounding his wife's death. The film opens tonight in two theatres in New York City and Los Angeles before being released on DVD in March.

Lost Embrace - Reviews
Argentina's selection for best Foreign Language Oscar, although it was not nominated, it is also the best-reviewed new release this week. However, while the overall ratings are strong, the positive reviews are not overly enthusiastic in their praise. The film opens tonight at the Quad Cinema in New York City.

With the Oscar Nominations announced this week, several limited releases are expanding to take advantage of the publicity.

  • Hotel Rwanda adds nearly a hundred theaters and is now playing in 417 venues.
  • After dropping to just 19 theaters, Vera Drake has been climbing quite steadily on the back of various awards. This weekend the film adds 16 more theaters to its count, which now sits at 68.
  • Les Choristes jumps from just 2 theaters to 20.

The rest of the Oscar Nominees are either jumping to wide release, already in wide release or have been in release too long to receive a boost to their theater counts.

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