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Oscars Kills Limited Releases

February 25th, 2005

While going the limited release route is a common tactic for Oscar hopefuls, the actual weekend that the Oscars are handed out is not the best time to release such a film. Therefore, there's not much competition this weekend. On the other hand, next weekend should see the winners experience quite a jump at the box office.

Deep Throat - No Reviews
With the documentary, Inside Deep Throat re-sparking interested in the famous porno, the studio is re-releasing the film for 2 midnight showings in three theatres, Sunset 5 in L.A., Colorado One in Pasadena and Roxy in San Francisco. Like almost all midnight showings, there will be no box office date released.

Up and Down - Reviews
The Czech Republic's Oscar contender this year, and while it didn't make it as one of the nominees it has earned very impressive reviews so far. The movie actually has several story lines that converge at different points but all start when some illegal immigrants leave behind an infant. The film opens in 6 theatres tonight with plans to expand in the coming weeks.

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