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The Numbers Readers Raise Almost $500 for Tsunami Relief

March 4th, 2005

During the month of January, we pledged 20% of site ad revenue and 100% of our affiliate sales through Amazon and AllPosters to support tsunami relief efforts. The counting is complete, and we're happy to report that thanks to the generosity of readers like you, we managed to raised just shy of $500. A donation of $461.99 was sent to Oxfam America's Global Emergencies Fund this evening. A big thank you to everyone who visited the site, and especially to everyone who clicked through the links to Amazon and AllPosters during January.

Now the appeal for tsunami relief is over, we're returning to our usual practice of donating 10% of site revenue to Oxfam America, and 10% to the Mars Society. So your patronage of the site still goes towards supporting worthy causes.

On behalf of The Numbers team, Thank You!

Bruce Nash