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Ring Two is Twice as Nice

April 13th, 2005

The Ring 2 repeated on top of the international charts thanks to number one debuts in both Italy and Russia, which lead the film to a $14.75 million box office on 4245 screens in 46 markets. In Italy the film earned $2.7 million on 410 screens, even though cinemas were closed on Friday for Pope John Paul II's funeral. In Russia the result was even more impressive as the film earned $1.8 million on 200 screens. The horror sequel also opened in a handful of smaller markets: Malaysia ($210,000 from 35), Chile ($180,000 from 30 screens), Singapore ($160,000 from 25), Ukraine, ($150,000, screen count unknown), Indonesia ($140,000 from 40), and the Czech Republic and Slovakia, (combined $90,000.) Holdovers were not overly kind to the film as it dropped between 40% and 50% in most markets including 40% in France to $1.3 million, 43% in Spain to $1.65 million, 44% in Germany to $1.6 million and 45% in the U.K. to $1.8 million. Overall the film now has $54.25 million internationally and $126.5 million world wide.

Thanks to the steady decline of its competition, Robots was able to rise to second place with $8.9 million on 6200 screens for an international total of $82.4 million so far. The film had two noteworthy openings, the film was number one in its debut in New Zealand taking in $310,000 on 70 screens, on par with the debut of Constantine and should lead to a $1 million final box office in the market. Things were not as rosy in France where the film managed just third place with $1.74 million on an incredible 737 screens for a very disappointing per screens average. Even with school holidays coming up, it's hard to imagine the film having the legs needed to recover from that start. Holdovers include $1.6 million in the U.K., $980,000 in Australia, $842,000 in Germany and $400,000 in Italy.

Hitch fell another spot this weekend to third with $8.28 million on 3840 screens in 57 markets for an international total of $161.8 million. The film opened in first place in Thailand with $420,000 on 52 screens, as well as several Latin American markets including $175,000 on 25 screens in Peru. On the other hand, the film missed top spot in Argentina with just $140,000 on 45 screens. Holdovers are still a strong part of Hitch's weekend haul especially the U.K. and Germany were the film earned $1.5 million and $1.3 million respectively. At the moment, reaching $350 million worldwide is academic, which would have placed the film tenth on last year's charts, and since this year looks no better than last, the film should also last in the top ten for the rest of the year.

Be Cool popped into the top five with $5.7 million on 2000 screens for a running tally of $20.3 million. The film's largest opening came in Spain where the film finished third with just $1.16 million on 300 screens. The film had its best chart placing in Mexico where it lead during a very, very slow weekend with $594,000 on 223 screens. And the film had its best per screen average in Russia with $430,00 on 85 screens. On the other hand, the rest of its openings ranged from bad, ($120,000 on 45 screens in South Africa) to worse, ($110,000 on 50 screens in South Korea.) At this pace reaching $100 million could be out of question unless it has a surprisingly strong opening in its last two major markets, Italy and Japan.

Rounding out the top five was another disappointing film; Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous added $4.9 million on 2,687 screens in 30 markets for an international total of $32.5 million so far. The film finished first in Israel with $80,000 on 26 screens, second in New Zealand with $174,000 on 51 screens and third in Hong Kong with $161,000 on 27 screens. However, all three results were well below what the original opened with. The film is doing relatively well in both the U.K., (down 21% to $1.026 million on 374 screens) and Brazil, (down 20% to $380,000 on 130 screens.) In the end, this film will likely earn half of what the original made and will struggle to hit $100 million worldwide.

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