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Take Off!

April 29th, 2005

Among the limited releases this week is a Canadian road trip flick, a near silent film from South Korea and a British movie with not one but two actresses who have been knighted. As always, an eclectic mix.

3-Iron - Reviews
Tae-suk is a drifter who finds empty houses to live in. Once there he performs odd jobs, fixing broken items, doing laundry, etc as payment of sorts for living there while the owners are away. One day he walks into a supposedly empty house that is the home of Sun-hwa, a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage with her abusive husband. The film is the epitome of Art House films and you'll either be engrossed by the director's style or driven mad by the lack of dialogue.

Death of a Dynasty - Reviews
A mockumentary look at the inside workings of the rap world. Fans of the musical genre might have a fun time spotting all the gratuitous cameos, but those who are not big on the scene may not get all the jokes. The film opens in 16 theaters tonight, mostly in New York with a couple in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well.

Finding Home - Reviews
Are they repressed memories, or just the product of her imagination? That's the question plaguing Amanda ever since she was removed from her grandparent's home as a child. The movie has an excellent cast and was obviously made by people who were passionate about the project. However, it just never comes together as a cohesive whole. The film opens tonight in 5 theaters in select cities.

Holy Girl - Reviews
The movie is the best reviewed new movie of the week, and it's also the most limited release opening in just two theaters. The film, which was produced by Pedro Almodovar, tells the story of two teenage girls, Amalia and Josefina, whose encounter with a married doctor sets of a chain reaction of events after they try and save him from evil. As the creators put it, it's a tale of the temptation of good - and the evil it causes.

Kaal - No Reviews
Not your typical Bollywood movie. A supernatural thriller involving killer tigers set in Orbit National park in India. This is definitely a theme closer to Hollywood than Bollywood, but the film is still targeted at a very niche market. The film opens in 40 theaters in select cities.

Ladies in Lavender - Reviews
If I were to pick just one limited release this week to see, this would be the film I would check out. It stars Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith, which should be enough to get people into theaters. The story takes place in Cornwall in the 1930s and starts when the two woman find a man washed up on the beach and nurse him back to life. The film opens in 22 theaters, half of which are in New York and Los Angeles, with a few in New Jersey and Connecticut.

National Lampoon's Going the Distance - Reviews
While this film is being distributed National Lampoon in the states, it is actually a Canadian movie in the same vein as Porky's, (which remains the highest grossing Canadian film of all time). Fans of Road Trip will probably find something to enjoy in this movie, but it is certainly not a quality film.

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