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Slow Dancing to $100 million

May 8th, 2005

Golden Week helped Shall We Dance? climb 19% to $2,250,195 for the weekend and $7,270,348 during its run. The film now has $90.3 million internationally and could break $100 million if it continues to show strong legs in Japan.

  • Sahara slipped out of the top five with just $2.22 million on 969 screens in five markets for a $17.2 million running tally. Its biggest market of the weekend was Spain where the film added $820,000 to its $2.29 million total there.
  • The Amityville Horror held up very well in its three markets dropping just 33% in Germany to $460,000, 24% in Australia to $600,000 and 38% in the U.K. to $1.0 million. Add it up and you have $2.1 for the weekend and $10.0 million total.
  • Son of the Mask was buoyed by Golden Week holidays jumping up 38% to $1,608,024 for the weekend and $6,087,731 total. The film should go on to double its domestic total internationally, but that is nowhere near what the film needed to make to show a profit.
  • Pooh's Heffalump Movie made $1.5 million this weekend, thanks mainly to the $460,000 it made during its third weekend in France. That gives the film $3 million in the market and $29 million during its international run. A number it should easily beat on the home market.
  • Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous added another $1.47 million to its international total of $47.25 million.
  • Hostage opened in France with $1,431,645 on 391 screens, certainly not a great start but one of its better ones during its $19.2 million international run so far.
  • Even with Golden Week holidays that allowed half the top ten to see significant gains, Hide & Seek dropped 2% during its second weekend in Japan to $1,366,583 for a two week total of $4,410,614 in the market and $63.4 million internationally.
  • The Wedding Date held up amazingly well during its second weekend in the U.K. dropping just 17% to $1.27 for a total in the market of $3,763,842. On the other hand, the film missed the top ten in its debut in Italy with just $150,000 on 115 screens.
  • Hitch topped its domestic run this weekend with $1.28 million for a $178.7 running tally.
  • The Ring 2 is in a holding pattern until it opens in its final three markets. This week it added $1.25 million to it $76.9 million international box office.
  • Guess Who opened in Taiwan with $171,000 on 57 screens, which is not a strong start. The film has fell 40% during its second weekend in the U.K. to $790,000 and had a similar drop-off in New Zealand to $90,000. Overall the film added $1.2 million to its early international total of $7.6 million.
  • Valiant added $1.09 million from just over 1000 screens in France and U.K. for a running tally of $21.7 in those two markets.
  • Million Dollar Baby saw its weekend haul slashed in half in France to $891,549 for a running tally of $18,200,932. The film now has $96.5 million internationally and should top its domestic box office before too long.
  • After the Sunset added anther $850,000 this weekend, $770,000 coming from its second weekend in Spain. With $26.3 million internationally and Japan still ahead, the film should have no trouble topping its domestic total, however, that is still not nearly enough to make the film a financial success.
  • Cursed fell 54% to $540,000 during its second weekend in Spain, which was expected. What wasn't expected was its 75% plummet in the U.K. to just $100,000 on 200 screens. The film also opened in Hong Kong with just $100,000 on 25 screens, which was just strong enough for fifth place. The film has only made $4.95 million internationally with Spain being its best single market.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt's latest film, The Truth About Love, fell 48% during its second weekend in South Korea to $464,428 for the weekend and $1,956,046 total. This may seem like a steep drop-off, but it was the second best performance in the top ten. The film doesn't open stateside till the weekend before Valentine's Day next year and if its performance in this market is any indication the film should become a midlevel hit domestically.
  • Downfall opened in Italy with $305,186 on 80 for the best per screen average in the top twenty. The film also climbed into the top ten in Australia thanks to a mere 4% drop-odd with $160,000. The film now has 74 million internationally, $39 million of which came from its native Germany.
  • In Good Company added another $450,000 to its box office in Australia lifting its total in the market to $1.6 million. Before its run is done Australia should become the film's most lucrative overtaking the U.K.'s $2,387,804. On the other hand, the film flopped in New Zealand making just $13,000 on 15 screens.
  • Garden State saw its box office in France slashed in half to an estimated $350,000 for the weekend and $1.4 million during its run. The film now has $6.6 million, most of which has come from the U.K. and Australia.
  • Cellular finally opened in Italy but its result was not worth the wait as the film finished sixth with just $318,059 on 226 screens. This was the film's final market meaning it won't add much to its $24 million internationally total.
  • Robots crossed $100 million early in the midweek and then added $313,386 over the weekend from 424 screens in five markets lifting its international box office to $102.6 million.
  • Be Cool tumbled 70% to $211,870 in Italy. The film also made $110,000 during its sophomore stint in Norway. The film now has $35.3 million internationally and should hit $100 million worldwide after it opens in Japan in August.
  • White Noise saw its weekend haul in Australia cut in half to $250,000 and had a similar result in Argentina where it fell from first to third with $60,000.
  • WAQT managed to hanf onto tenth spot in the U.K. with $285,000 on 33 screens.
  • Beauty Shop fell 44% to $140,000 during its second weekend in the U.K. for a $550,000 running tally.
  • Birth missed the top ten in its debut in Australia with just $125,000 on 42 screens.
  • The Jacket dropped to $75,000 during its second weekend of release in Taiwan for a two week total of $375,000 which makes Taiwan the film's best market so far, relatively speaking.
  • Flight of the Phoenix failed to take off in Italy with just $70,000 on 80 screens. The film has a few major markets left to open in, but with just $9.6 million internationally it seems very unlikely that it will top its domestic total.
  • Mean Creek opened in the U.K. with $60,000 on just 19 screens.
  • Boogeyman opened in Argentina with $60,000 for a very close fourth place. The film has made $8.7 million internationally, nearly half of that coming from its $4.155 million in the U.K.
  • Raise Your Voice added another $52,000 in New Zealand for a $300,000 total in the market and $3.5 million internationally.
  • Les Choristes opened in seventh place in Turkey with $51,500 on 25 screens.
  • After a good start in the U.K., Tarnation fell to $50,000 for a two week total of $170,000.
  • Intimate Strangers opened in Austria with $45,000 on 8 screens, (including sneak peaks) for a tenth place finish.
  • Fat Albert fell 70% in Australia to just $45,000.
  • Any chance of seeing Harold & Kumar in Amsterdam is slipping away as the will crashed 72% during its second weekend in Italy with just $40,000 for a $290,000 two week total.
  • Meet the Fockers had the worst week-to-week drop-off in South Korea, free falling 90% to $37,539 for the weekend and $1,592,882 in the market. On the plus side, the film is still a massive hit with $232.7 million international and if things go well in Japan it should top The Passion of the Christ for seventh place on 2004's international box office charts.
  • Melinda and Melinda opened in Hong Kong snagging the last spot in the top ten with $20,000 on just two screens.
  • Friday Night Lights opened in New Zealand with just $16,500 on 20 screens. The film's international run as been nothing short of disastrous so far and it seems unlikely that it will turn itself around.
  • Kinsey opened Argentina and had nearly the same result as when it opened in its neighboring Chile with $13,000 on 5 screens.
  • Seed of Chucky opened in Chile the week before last making just $12,615 on 15 screens and finishing in 9th place.

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