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Heaven's Kingdom Divided in Half

May 17th, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven couldn't maintain its opening weekend numbers as it plummeted 49% to $27.2 million on 6700 screens in 98 markets for a two week total of $88.9 million. Had the film earned that during its first weekend of release its future would have looked rather rosy, but as it is now it was have a real hard time making back its production budget. The film's biggest market continues to be Germany, where the film fell 46% to $3.4 million on 848 screens, it fell 40% in the U.K. to $2.9 million on 446 screens and 33% in Spain to $3.3 million on 435 screens. Kingdom of Heaven had only one opening over the weekend, a $2.4 million debut in Japan on 492 screens and only has one more opening to go in China. The film's international run is a lot closer to Van Helsing's than Troy's, which should result in a $150 million to $200 million international total.

Kingdom of Heaven was miles ahead of the competition as the rest of the top five earned between $3 million and $4 million. Leading the best of the rest was XXX: State of the Union with just $3.5 million on 3,650 screens in 64 markets for a $36.6 million running tally. The film was unable to earn $1 million in any single market with its best result coming from the U.K. where it added $515,000 on 355 screens to its $4.6 million total.

The Pacifier opened in Brazil with just $260,000 on 125 screens, but it was enough to soften its box office decline and letting it rise to third place on the charts. Overall the will managed $3.3 million on 2,472 screens in 31 markets for an international box office of $53.5 million so far with a few major markets to go.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy slipped another spot this weekend with $3.1 million on 740 screens in 5 markets for an early international total of $23 million. The bulk of that came from its three holdovers, U.K. with 1.91 million, Australia with $860,000 and New Zealand with $130,00. The film had a couple of openings in smaller markets but won't have another major push till early June when it opens Germany.

The Interpreter is also coasting on holdovers right now bringing in $3 million on 1,950 screens in 30 markets for an international total of $54.5 million. Like half the films on this weeks list, it was unable to manage $1 million in any single market but came reasonably close in Germany with $852,000 on 378 screens.

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